Epiphone Guitar Pack Series PPEG-EGL1VSCH1 Electric Guitar Pack - Vintage Sunburst


Epiphone Guitar Pack Series PPEG-EGL1VSCH1 Electric Guitar Pack – Vintage Sunburst


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Of twenty-one individuals who purchased, used, and offered a review of the Epiphone Guitar Pack Series PPEG-EGL1VSCH1 Electric Guitar Pack - Vintage Sunburst, 80% rated this product to be 4-star or above.

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This is a nice package! The guitar was almost ready to go right out of the box ,only needing tuned.THe amp is a nice practice amp that fits the needs of a beginner quite well. The package arrived on time and in good shape.I would happily recommend this package.

 I started playing on an old crappy acoustic guitar that had a huge gap between the strings and fret board. I had to press so hard to get the sound I wanted. After buying this I was astonished at how much easier it was to move around the fret board. The sound is great even from the small amp it comes with. The amp even has a headphone jack to play silently. Everything in this pack is made from quality materials, nothing feels cheap. The finish on the guitar is excellent, and the rosewood fret board is beautiful. It looks and sounds great. If your a beginner looking to step up to a better guitar, this is it. I’m glad I got it.

For a beginner like me, this is a really nice starter kit. Everything you need is in the box – and it actually came triple-boxed. That certainly protected it from the rigors of shipping.The Les Paul Special-II LTD guitar looks and feels nicer than what I expected. The amp is certainly adequate for a beginner; it is plenty loud for practicing. The graphical tuner helps you start out in tune, a big plus for first time players. I like that it turns green when you hit the correct tuning. The picks, strap, guitar to amp cable, and bag all are things you need to start out.

Included is info to download beginner guitar lessons to your computer – it takes a while to download the package, but it works. The instruction booklet is pretty skimpy, but includes info about the limited lifetime warranty on the guitar and limited three year warranty on the amplifier.

This is an excellent package if you’re thinking about learning the guitar but don’t want to jump in with both feet by buying a really expensive set. The guitar itself is (as far as this rank beginner can tell) really quite good, with impeccable fit and finish and was simple to tune up with the included tuner. The amplifier is on the cheap side but does the job. The case is better than I expected. The packaging was adequate and everything arrived undamaged. I’m quite pleased and have been having fun using this set with Rocksmith 2014 (recommended).

It is a low end amp….my son blew it out a week after getting it. Other than that I thought it was a great deal.

Everything you need to get started. My husband is now on his way to ROCKSTAR status thanks to this package deal. I paired it with Rockstar 2014 and its BRILLIANT

I got this for my husband. It was shipped from SamAsh.com They shipped quickly and everything arrived in good condition (was packaged well). However, the amp that was included did not work. I called SamAsh and they took care of it immediately. Seriously, the best customer service I have had in a lonnnng time! They rush shipped a upgraded amp at no charge, they were easy to deal with and if they said they would call you…they did. I will definitely purchase from them again.
As for the guitar, my husband loves it. He has no complaints. He might upgrade later, but for now…it is a good starter guitar. Sound quality is great. He loves that he can plug his tablet or laptop into the amp and play music from websites or youtube, etc.
Happy with this purchase!

I am a beginner guitar player and I bought this set specifically for use with Rocksmith 2014.So far, I’m extremely impressed with the look and sound of this entry-level guitar. Don’t be fooled by the small amp! It has a great sound, more than enough for the beginner guitarist to practice with. It was so nice to have everything needed to start playing in one package: Strap, cable, picks, tuner, and carrying case. I haven’t checked out the eMedia guitar lessons yet, as I said, I’ve been using Rocksmith.

A more advanced guitar player may be able and qualified to find faults with this package, but as a beginner, I can find none!! I think it’s a great value, as well as a great convenience to have everything needed to get started, right in one box! I highly recommend it!

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