Sharp Dressed Man ZZ Top Guitar Performance | Learn To Play DVD With Danny Gill

Sharp Dressed Man ZZ Top Guitar Solo Click Here To Order This DVD. Sharp Dressed Man By the ZZ Top Guitar Performance is from the DVD – Learn To Play ZZ Top by…

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  • richard coburn says:

    no vibrato in the lead riff rubish

  • richard coburn says:

    this is a better lesson

  • joe osorio says:


  • Jon Ang says:

    wow cant believe there are people dumb enough to be calling this a scam.

  • David Heisch says:

    Wow! So many pissers and moaners on this demo! There are other demo/lessons
    out there. If you don’t like this one…find one you do like. Frickin’
    Whiny babies.
    Nice work Lick Library :-)

  • David Heisch says:

    Is this in standard tuning?

  • dobstyle says:

    This version is e standard. I have the discs. Zz top plays this a variety
    of ways. I have even seen a version in c tuning from Mike Gross.

    I like to use a double stop when the instructor goes for the c note on the
    D string the first time. I just like the way it sounds. Might be something
    for others to try. 

  • Lemmy Atterbusch says:

    I can see the slide “disappearing” at the end of the solo. I’ve done it
    with a beer bottle, which I usually grabbed off a table & just dropped on
    the floor halfway through, so it wouldn’t be hard to ditch a glass slide
    just as quick. One of the best jamming songs on the planet, this one. Been
    playing it live around 20 years now, but every time I hear it I pick up
    something new.

  • Hackensolo says:

    PUtain c’est terrible. bravo

  • SuperCrackerjacks says:

    Cheap backing track. It is unexpensive digital shit.

  • Motörhöads 666 says:

    Hey Billy G, where’s the beard, and the cheap shades, and the hat, and the
    Pearly Gates?????

  • HammaoftheGods says:

    What Key is the solo in?

  • Licklibrary - Online Guitar Lessons says:

    @diskerror1956 Hi there, thats right 5 songs are taught on this DVD. Danny
    teaches all the guitar parts, and the dvd is broken into songs and song

  • SiLENTx1012 says:

    In a way the title is a little misleading, you did good, but you expect me
    to sign up for a website that probably costs money to join to learn a song
    made by some one else?… I can find a video on how to play this somewhere
    else for free here on YouTube, other than that you did a good job…

  • levani199321 says:

    learn to read it says guitar performance not lesson you dumb fuck

  • Martijn D says:

    @RoathRipper Doesn’t make it any less awesome

  • Rex Robinson says:

    Now, that is how you do that!!!!! Great job!!! REX

  • Sweeper5 says:

    @guitfdlr I know man, why would somebody put something so junky looking on
    an otherwise nice guitar. I’ve seen others do this, so I’m sure there’s
    some kind of weird reason; I saw that somebody said it’s to keep the E
    string from getting caught in the pickup bobbin. I think I’d find another
    way around that…looks like a busted guitar held together with tape. LOL!
    It don’t look “cool”, it looks like a garage sale instrument. hahaha. J/K
    Good player though…and sounds awesome.

  • ihaveaverybadcold says:

    @clintb006 umm he is playing it exactly the way its played….

  • greenappleiceblended says:

    what’s the plastic thing at 2:05

  • Licklibrary - Online Guitar Lessons says:

    @clintb006 Thankyou for your feedback – we would like to point out this
    isn’t a guitar lesson, its a guitar performance. The guitar lessons are
    available on the dvd Learn To Play ZZ Top.

  • SquarishBall says:

    I came here for a lesson… didn’t get one, but I’m going to lie and say
    that I was disappointed. Great job

  • chabeworks says:

    nice do man–guitar sounds great–don’t like slide in that song-but u did a
    good job–best regards

  • rickfaw says:

    hats the way I like to see instructional vids done. Right there where you
    can see it plain as day. Thanks a bunch as I love some ZZ Top.

  • Ber Avila says:

    maaaaaaaaaaaan thats a glass slide!!!! i cant beliave that 7 people didnt
    knew that!!!

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