Rocksmith 2014 Edition — How It Works — Learn How To Play Guitar In 60 Days

Rocksmith 2014 Edition is the fastest way to learn guitar. Join over 1.5 million people who have learned to play guitar with the award-winning Rocksmith meth…

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  • Frederick Baeza says:

    good share

  • Alex Tran says:

    Can you use any guitar for a this game? And is the guitar from the bundle

  • NuKaxColax says:

    Awesome to see Marty here

  • Neo Neupane says:

    Im a decent guitarist so I like to think…I could already play a bit
    before rocksmith..But after getting it and a year with it grows on me…Its
    like taking guitar tabs and putting them in a guitar hero format. Highly
    reconmd this for anyone who interested in guitar!

  • Bandilal Tamang says:

    hey ,if anyone else trying to find out
    guitar learn step by step try *Awsomic Guitar Tutor* (do a google search )
    ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my mate got cool
    results with it.


  • David W says:

    I’m about intermediate level guitarist – know a couple dozen chords but far
    from beginner or good. I bought this a few months ago. After finding a
    semi-fix for the terrible lag, I spent a week trying to get 90% accuracy on
    REM – Losing My Religion (all of the chords which I already knew). I find
    reading the notes train very difficult, and I’ve never learned tabs, but
    used to read music in grade school (not guitar). Difficult to know when it
    wants an A minor or C or E minor. Until you get to the advanced level, it
    does not list all the chords as they’re coming up (that should be a must
    for a program intending to teach).

    Then I tried a few of the simple lessons, (4 frets downward on the bass E
    string in succession) where it constantly said I was missing a note that I
    wasn’t. I tried pushing harder, softer, made sure I wasn’t stretching the
    note out of key, etc., etc., nothing worked. The game/software has been
    collecting dust ever since.

    It may work well for some people, but it sure doesn’t work well for
    everyone. Not a terrible game, if that’s what you want – but not what I’d
    recommend to anyone wanting to learn to play guitar. Very frustrating when
    it makes you repeat things over and over that you’re doing correctly.

  • Dan Stormchaser says:

    This kid has to be a prodigy ! WOW i guess this software really works as a
    training tool and to disguise it as a game is Pure Genius ! I’m ordering
    mine now ! :)

  • Daniel Draper says:
  • ColdenBaller says:

    Does the game teach any music theory or just songs?

  • kewl mark says:

    I have had some Great FUn with it I’ve learned lots of songs but I havaent
    memorized them yet and I”M still in a rut, this game has made me lazy but
    it has helped, 1 year on this game and I”m gonna start taking lessons
    also, I mean shit, if yo u got the music in you you got the fucking music
    with or without this game! though I have had Great fun and played songs I
    could have never played without this application!!

  • asorlon1 says:

    Hahaha This is pretty neat

  • mynameismrmeow says:

    i wonder how guitar hero doing right now

  • says:

    Learn to practice slowly and perfectly. The reason for this, is, what you
    program your brain and fingers with while practicing, is what you’ll get as
    a habitual and subconscious end result.

  • TheUnleashedGamerX says:

    rocksmith doesn’t replace a good teacher. there are many thing you can
    learn wrong without a teacher, which a computer cant notice

  • mynameismrmeow says:

    yes…… i started it 

  • Maxi Rodriguez says:
  • Dj Sujinho says:

    rocksmith for BASS?

  • Rokus Sadee says:

    Sooo I really need an electric guitar?

  • abhinavashish1 says:

    Just completed my personal 60 day challenge on this game . I can guarantee
    you the following: 1) It will keep you motivated and I really mean that. 2)
    Amazing tool to practice.Just follow the instructions on game and you are
    good to go. 3)It is not going to make you an expert in 60 days but will
    improve your playing greatly. I was playing for 4 months before I got this
    game and I have to say I learnt more in these 2 months.Now the big question
    how good I am. I would say ok. I can do riffs and play songs on master
    level but a lot is yet to be learnt and this game will teach me that . Keep
    in mind it takes time to learn guitar and it will

  • Ankur Gurung says:

    can i use ordinary acoustic guitar with this ?? someone!!

  • Blitzkrieg_exe says:

    Put this on PS4 and my money is yours.

  • doowopfan says:

    do they make a piano version? I’d like to learn.

  • Edy Arif Kurniawan says:

    and im definitely need an electric guitar

  • hooligangster1993 says:

    the day this comes out for the x1 i’m buying a guitar 

  • Mohd Amirul Fahmi Ibrahim says:

    hard to fine in malaysia

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