Relaxation For Children – Music for Learning, Quiet, Positive, Harmony – PURE RELAX

Watch our ‘RELAXATION FOR CHILDREN’ playlist: Relaxation For Children – Music for Learning, Quiet, Positive, Harmony – PURE RELAX Our relaxing videos combine …
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  • sara crespo says:

    I put this music when I do my homework

  • Anthonys Melodies says:

    Hey guys, I write instrumental music that is emotional and story driven. I
    don’t know how else to find an audience this type of music, so if you could
    give my music a chance i’d love to gain a new follower. Sorry for
    advertising and thank you for your time.

  • Ilia kouz says:

    I love your channel. I’m 21 years old and this is actually my favorite
    music on YouTube because its so peaceful and calm! Thank you very much :)

  • Jay Perez says:

    What the heck i was doing my homework and then suddendly i heard BAH BAH

  • Matthias Günther says:


  • prettylittlelashesox says:

    sooooooooooooo cute 

  • Kikki Gonzslez says:

    If u want to fall asleep yhen try to stay awake as long as u can without

  • Judy Willis says:

    are those kittens abandoned? :(

  • Zahid Mahmood says:


  • khadija bibi says:

    Omg that calico kitten was my cat when she was a baby i swear she looks
    exactly like her or looked like her I bet it is her.

  • Alexandra soros says:

    the kittens are really cute and i love the music too

  • Emmanuelle Fouchet says:

    Un dimanche ou l’on à envie de rester au lit plus longtemps vu le mauvais
    temps ,mais pourquoi pas en regardant cette jolie vidéo Relaxante & toute
    remplie de DOUCEUR !!!
    Elle est vraiment “SUPERBE”
    Une heure de pure “BONHEUR”!!!!!!

  • Amanda Asher says:

    i love the cat part there so cute i fell asleep

  • Winifred Beam Kessler says:

    My home of origin was filled with music played by my Mother, a concert
    pianist. Later, my daughter, also an excellent pianist, as a pre-teen and
    teen played many hours each day. I have a large collection of DVD’s, tapes,
    2 BOSE sound systems and go to orchestral, quartet and chamber music as
    often as I get the opportunity. I miss having a piano to play and am
    thinking of trying to find a string instrument to learn to play. I did buy
    myself an inexpensive keyboard to have fun with for this past Christmas and
    am frequently tuned to FM stations or listening to YouTube or my own
    collection as I write or do other work.

  • Isaac Sherlock Spitz says:

    You shoud have this music on after a hard day

  • Zane Phillips says:

    This just made me yawn xD

  • rhiana naraynasawmy says:

    Its better watching it with Headphones .

  • Kirubaharan Shanmugavel says:


  • Sarah Todd says:

    It works in 2 seconds

  • Beata Homolova says:
  • Benjamin Anderton says:

    798 people aren’t relaxed.

  • Wong Jia Qi says:
  • Shelli Willis says:

    well this is not what i was amaging

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