Guitar, Set, Match: Pospisil

Guitar, Set, Match: Pospisil
“Every now and again he'll throw me some pointers when we're together, but I just started learning online.” Pospisil showed off his self-taught skills in the video of an … As promised, here's a video of me playing a song. @tompospisil Thanks for the …
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Limelight Delivers Online Lessons for Coach Guitar
Coach Guitar, a Manomaya SAS company based in France, provides millions of customers of any skill level with a unique method of learning to play songs on the guitar through downloaded video tutorials. Established in 2012, they have already had over 2.6 …
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Watch Dr. Feelgood Guitarist Wilko Johnson Confront Death in New Documentary
With quotes from Chaucer, William Blake, John Milton and Shakespeare, The Ecstasy stands out as a documentary about a learned man, a poetry and theater connoisseur and an astronomy buff who happens to play guitar, rather than seeming like a rock star …
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