CTC College For Kids opens in June

CTC College For Kids opens in June
Classes mix fun and hands-on learning in the studies of science, performing arts, arts and crafts, life skills, languages and more. … Crime Scene Investigation, Zumba for Kids, Robotics, Web Design, Young Science Lab Rats, Dino Quest, Teen Astronomer …
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How a hepatitis song infected Phoenix, divided family
"Hepatitis has some symptoms we should learn to recognize," the song began. "Like fever, feeling very … It seemed like it played a lot during the "The Wallace and Ladmo Show," the long-running and highly-rated children's show, he said. "The tune was …
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Malpass Brothers release new album
The Malpass Brothers, Christopher and Taylor, are unabashed and shameless purveyors of tradition, playing music that is reminiscent of classic country, rockabilly and honky-tonk songs of decades past. Their self-titled … Chris plays Charlie Louvin's …
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