Concert Association finishes strong

Concert Association finishes strong
… in the rhythm section," he said. "You could hear in America the Beautiful that we couldn't play the chords that are written there because we are missing some of the trombones." … "I play a little guitar and she is the star of that show," he said …
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No Crappy Job: A Q&A with John Moreland
I want to learn how to do that.' It's interesting how many songwriters point to those two as the touchstones that set them on the path. And to even find them is, in some ways, unique. It was for me. I was into punk rock, and you would occasionally find …
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Dan Bern – Transitions
With this one, because we were all able to get in there and basically play at the same time, it still took a long time to finish it, with people going away and people disbursing, trying to get this guy or that guy to complete something, but it was the …
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