Tips for Playing Barre Chords Acoustic – Learn Your Basic Chords Click on the link above to get the tabs for this video! GO! Barre chords, bar chords… however you spell …
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  • Jon Weinstock says:

    I learned from lessons and still made the exact mistake with my index
    finger. Great tip.

  • FSUanimal68w says:

    This is awesome demonstration my friend 

  • Phil James says:

    Great tip Will ….. thanks for sharing.
    I used to place the tip of my index finger level with the top of the fret
    board, and experienced this exact problem ….. not any more!!!

  • Robman275 says:

    I didn’t learn online, yet I still made that mistake, shows how useful
    these videos are! Thanks so much for this, I can immediately hear a
    difference. Now I just need to get used to this new better way :)

  • Guitar Control says:

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