The Verve: He lets his music do the talking

The Verve: He lets his music do the talking
He began his musical journey while still in high school by trying to emulate his favorites while teaching himself to play the guitar. He then wired his karaoke machine into a computer and used mixing software he found online. He recorded dozens of …
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Malaysians Seek Escape in Pulp Fiction as Government's Grip Tightens
As vendors hawked grilled chicken and cold drinks, two young women took to the stage to recite angst-ridden poetry to the chords of an acoustic guitar. Other stalls dealt in secondhand … They have churned out hundreds of titles and estimate that they …
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Top 5 Things to do: Eric Litwin, Robert Newman, Eliot Lewis and more
Litwin plays guitar and harmonica and sings and is the author of the musical series "The Nuts." He has sold more … The bells are struck singly or as chords. The concert is … This event is free to the public. Participants will take a slow-paced 1 …

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