Learning To Fly – Pink Floyd – Acoustic Guitar Lesson

An acoustic guitar lesson of my interpretation of the classic Pink Floyd song – Learning To Fly. Loads more free lessons can be found at Guitar Tutor Man’s o…

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  • BrokenPortriats says:

    MY band last played in some guys back yard and had to plug into someone
    else’s amps. It was real scary. My keys sounded like crap. The voice mics
    were weak-clean.Our new lead guitar player forgot all the chords, and
    played anyway. We got booted off the stage after only five songs. It was
    the best day of my life so far. 

  • Ryan Wehr says:

    well it does not get any more straight forward than this. sometimes you
    think some songs are just out of your league. Then you see this and BOOM
    you are playing it a few min later. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! Do brain

  • Sveinbeard says:

    Excellent….nice and easy tutorial…top stuff

  • HECTOR BOCCA says:

    very good 

  • Виталий Danilochkin says:

    Моя любимая группа Pink Floyd! И самая любимая композиция. Мне конечно до
    тебя , Алан, далеко, но я стараюсь.Спасибо!

  • Sarah says:

    ahhh this is really great!! Thank you so much!!!!

  • Paravervideos says:

    So damn beautiful. i love pink floyd and specially the acoustic version of
    the songs, i think that you have done a ver great job in this video.

  • sat8vai14 says:

    Your videos are superb…Im gonna learn so much watching…been stuck in a
    rut with my playing for ages…time for new stuff….full marks your vids
    show everything ! 

  • Boyce Byerly says:

    I saw just one of your videos (Halleluah) and subscribed instantly. Your
    teaching presentation is just perfect for us intermediate guitarists.

  • Jokers Blues says:

    Fantastic lesson, Top Shelf Mate

  • BrokenPortriats says:

    Learning To Fly – by Pink Floyd?? I had always felt it was totally out of
    my league, ” I will never get it, so just give up now.” I….. may have
    misjudged. …….Truth is, I was just rocking with Alan’s track over my
    electric keyboards ( a cheap Walmart Yamaha and a Radio Shack Casio) and
    this song now seems possible to me!!!! Alan, you are a sick puppy. Now as
    for your latest track, Her Majesty by the Beatles?? Yes it plays right to
    the record!! Fine. Great ! Wonderful ( actually it is wonderful, but that
    is for another post) !!. However, I will never play that tune. It is just
    to hard. Why do you put so much hope in your students? We will fail you.
    Anyway, I got to get back to playing, Learning To Fly, on my keys as the
    guys are going to freak out when I play this at our next garage band
    practice!! Alan, you are a sick puppy !! And I love you. In a guy kind of
    way. Like a brother. Michigan out.

  • DottorNick18580 says:

    Thank you very much Alan!! Sounds perfect!

  • Михаил Мишин says:

    Доброго дня, Alan )) Вдруг стало интересно ) Вам нравится какая нибудь
    музыка из России ?))

  • jpduff says:

    Better than the original version! You could record a complete version of
    the song!

  • Sammy Sweet Tooth says:

    Thank you so much!!

  • Andrew du Toit says:

    Thanks for this one. I have forgotten how much I lived this one in my
    younger years. Never thought I would playing it myself. Thanks Alan.

  • Feyyaz Güroğlu says:

    Thanks for uploading bud,you are very good :)

  • Alan Robinson says:

    An acoustic guitar lesson of my interpretation of the classic Pink Floyd
    song – Learning To Fly :)

  • Lorenzo Pitrone says:

    I love it so….thank you so much …great

  • BrokenPortriats says:

    Truth is I am a little sacred to play now. More then before. I voted myself
    off the live band and down to sound man. Then started telling every one in
    the group what I wanted in our sound. And they stepped up. And we rocked.
    Ever heard of a band with two keyboard players?? Could that work?

  • The Coastal Adventurers says:

    Grate job! Thanks!!! 

  • stiffex says:

    Nice 1 Alan …… i like this song & you do a good rendition

  • raytheprinter says:

    what I like about your lessons is that you don’t complicate things ,or
    talk for 10 minutes. The way your videos are laid out it makes it so easy
    to follow.Ive seen some lessons for simple songs on youtube that complicate
    things so much that it is very hard to follow much . I Thank you for
    posting these lessons!

  • SQDLVR says:

    Alan, perfection strikes again.. you nailed this one.. Love it!!

  • Ricardo Negro says:

    Brazilian thank you

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