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Ditch Smoke On The Water: A Mix Of Fun And Easy Guitar Songs To Learn
One of my biggest regrets is giving up learning to play guitar in the 8th grade to join the wrestling team instead (I was awful). In my defense, the 22 year old bro that was my guitar teacher flew to Vegas to get married to his girlfriend and I never …
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Guitar Hero Live skips backwards compatibility as it reboots series
I played a couple of songs in Guitar Hero Live on the medium difficulty and found the new system fiddly to start with, on account of my old-school Guitar Hero-forged muscle memory, but it wasn't long before I hit an 80-something per cent accuracy …

Engadget giveaway: win a Jamstik and SOL Republic speaker courtesy of Zivix!
The Jamstik smartguitar is a mobile instrument for the digital age, whether you're a seasoned guitar player or just looking to learn a few chords. It's a lightweight, 16-inch guitar interface that uses WiFi to connect to Macs, PCs and iOS 7+ devices …
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