Blues Guitar Lessons – Blues Phrasing with Scales and Arpeggios

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  • crossrodde says:

    This is something that I see all the great guitar players doing, but I
    can’t seem to break out of the habit of playing one scale over the whole
    chord progression. It sounds good, and I’m becoming somewhat of a expert on
    doing that, but it’s really hard for me to keep up with a chord progression
    the way your doing. Also I have trouble practicing new concepts these days,
    now that I’ve been playing for several years… how do you think I should
    practice? It’s like I’ve hit a brick wall or something.

  • crossrodde says:

    Do mi do mi do so mi do
    Every truly cultured music student knows
    You must learn your scales and your arpeggios
    Bring the music ringing from your chest
    And not your nose
    While you sing your scales and your arpeggios

    If your faithful to your daily practicing
    You will find you progress is encouraging
    Do mi so mi do me so mi fa la so it goes
    When you do your scales and your arpeggios

    Do mi so doi
    (Fast piano music playing)

    do mi so do do so mi do (Repeat)
    Though it seems at first it doesn’t show
    Like a tree ability will bloom and grow
    If you’re smart you’ll learn by heart what every artist knows
    Your must sing your scales
    And your arpeeee ee eeggioooooooooos!

  • DMLZ says:

    very good lesson on arpeges I love your pedagogy thank you very much

  • Johnny Soufit says:

    very good phrasing lesson ty for sharing

  • Devin Dash says:

    Very clever way to play around the changes with the arpeggiated chords. You
    don’t necessarily have to admit the change on time. You can make an early
    entry or exit as you prepare the ideas. Reminds me a bit of Lightning
    Hopkins but of course he was more of a walking talking blues player and you
    seem to be more in the chicago style BB King style sweetness type of
    blues.Thanks for sharing the ideas!

  • Steffan Munoz says:

    I am trying to find a guitar version of “you got what I need” by Freddie
    Scott . can you help me

  • fender512 says:

    Lol at the middle finger. Great lesson, thanks.

  • Spencer16717 says:

    roman belic gta 4

  • tylerdurden9803 says:

    Gotta lv Marty. Peace brother :-)

  • FloydKnip says:

    I remember when I figured out how sweet it was to go from Amaj to Amin on
    the IV, still haven’t found the same thing for pulling stuff off on the IV

  • Giles Grenville says:

    cool Marty. learing loads

  • Janik Duvernay says:

    thanks dude :-)

  • Save Money Cash Back says:

    I am new to the guitar. So i really enjoyed watching your video. Very
    inspiring to keep learning

  • Guitar God Secrets says:

    Ah, the blues. I just put up my own how to play the blues videos, and I’m
    totally up there with you on phrasing. Makes me think about how BB King is
    a master at this. Enjoyed this video!

  • gregluland says:

    Smarty Wartz

  • iqram zulfajrin says:

    this video is awesome. it’s very WOW

  • delreydavid says:

    So does a standard I IV V blues progression only use dominant seven
    tonality for all chords when playing in a major key tone? If that is the
    case, would the altered seven chords on the I and IV cause any harmonic
    confliction? And what particular key signature would be used? 

  • frankentrip says:

    Great! Thank you Marty! You are a great teacher!

  • dinologic says:

    OMG, the brain fart at 17:45 had me rolling. Great vid, as always, Martay!

  • Jane Alex Johns says:

    Do you have jazz guitar lessons that start from the bottom? Also where did
    you learn to play guitar

  • Elena Kewke says:

    so cool… great lesson… keep up the good work… by the way, try to
    watch guitar lessons on… check it for guitar lessons…

  • Afonso Junior says:

    Wow!!!! That’s i was talkin’ about!!! Incredible video!

  • cresyn yruma says:

    Smart, I Will learn from u

  • White Jesus says:

    3:32 Mr. Mackey is gonna teach us the blues!

  • dvs2751 says:

    Marty is GOD

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