The Ohio Players “Skin Tight” How To Play On Bass Guitar + Tabs Funky Friday R&B

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  • Mr. Dauphine Caffin Ave says:

    I just love you – I do! You make me better!!!!

  • J Magne says:

    Great job! I was wondering if the intro and verse would work on a guitar?
    Also, watching the video it appears that sugarfoot may actually be doing
    some rythm on the verse? Alternating between something on the 5th fret
    (am7?) and something on the 3rd fret it appears. Could you shed any light?

  • discoAL says:

    great lesson.. I was playing it right, but I took the long, hard route.
    thanx for the open A and Cmaj scale analysis. oh man, the transition is so
    much smoother.

  • dogdayaftertaste says:

    Nice one Eric, in the bottle by brother to brother would be a nice little

  • EricBlackmonGuitar says:
  • darrendrake68 says:

    Nice and very helpful video especially for a novice like me! Not sure if u
    take request, but can u demonstrate Free by Denise Williams?

  • HIT MAN says:

    Eric thanks for the lessons man I’ve been trying to play this tune ON Bass
    by Aretha Franklin called Jump to it this grove is so funky if you could
    give lessons on this one id be grateful 

  • robert miller says:

    thats a bad ass bass you have there and the sound is so funky, do you use a
    pedal or what? I want that funk sound like your bass has, mine sounds
    normal no funk to it.

  • EricBlackmonGuitar says:
  • EricBlackmonGuitar says:

    Great! You can thank Mauricemichaels for staying on my case about posting
    some funk! Funky Friday is here to stay! Thanks for watching!

  • Drew Shields says:

    Thank U so much, I had the first part and had been looking 4 the famous
    bridge- Big UPS 2 U…

  • Jojoe Simmons says:

    Funk is my favorite genre great tutorial having fun learning this one thanks

  • mauricemichaels says:

    yes funk finally

  • Lillian Braggs says:


  • EricBlackmonGuitar says:

    Great! Thanks so much for watching!

  • Kirsten Lauren says:

    Very nice work! Thank you!

  • Rome Wilkerson-Photography says:

    Very good thank you

  • EricBlackmonGuitar says:

    You are welcome ! Thanks so much for watching!

  • EricBlackmonGuitar says:

    Hey! It took me a few minutes to get it too! But you will get it! Thanks so
    much for checking it out! Is that bridge not cool, right!!???

  • EricBlackmonGuitar says:

    Is that bridge not cool! Thanks so much for checking it out!

  • EricBlackmonGuitar says:

    Great! Thanks so much for watching!

  • EricBlackmonGuitar says:

    Yes! Some awesome funk too! l had a blast working on this one!

  • Mychal Laury says:

    Yes, another good one. This ones gonna take me a min to get, but I gotta
    get it. Thanks

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