Review: The Z:ero digital earphones from Zorloo

Review: The Z:ero digital earphones from Zorloo
Ho told us that he has not yet found a video player that also supports USB audio, so unless you're using a laptop or can get a helping hand from Lollipop, for the moment at least, watching (and listening to) online or stored videos using these …
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Watch Vancouverite Steve Dawson play guitar with Republican candidate Mike
In the in-house video that can be seen on YouTube (thanks to user 4President), Dawson and his band back Huckabee while the politician plays bass for a handful of supporters at a rally dubbed “Factory, Farms and Freedom.” The weirdest thing? The Hee …
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Bassist for The Brothers Johnson, Louis Johnson, dies at 60 (VIDEO)
Johnson, who also sang, and his brother George, who played guitar and sang, began working with Jones in the mid-1970s. Jones mentored the brothers, and they collaborated for many years. “I considered Louis a core member of my production team,” Jones …
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