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Local performers and acts come together for Chaos Fest
Beginning with Raphael Lehmann playing a synthesizer with vocal accompaniment, he was joined by other musicians on guitar, bass and drums. Another lineup change brought Lehmann playing guitar with a different bassist and drummer. This was Turtle …
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Outside Polka Mass Draws Hundreds to Ford City
The size of his polka group varies depending on the size of the event they are playing. For their gig at Summerfest, Tady performed with three other musicians. With Tady on drums, his fellow band mates played the saxophone, bass guitar, and accordion.
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Friends, musicians meet up to play Stillwater Log Jam's Saturday shows
The Austin-native now lives in Duluth, where he spends the long winters perfecting classic folk and blues music on a steel National guitar. He takes the stage at 6:15 p.m.. “The St. Croix Valley has been really, really kind to me and very supportive …
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