Heritage Hump Day: Less Pain Forever – "Throw Your Babies"

Heritage Hump Day: Less Pain Forever – "Throw Your Babies"
Like no other duo I'd ever seen, Christopher Pomerenke played the drummer role while balancing a Casio keyboard on his kick and slamming the snare with his left hand while James Karnes kept equal time with his syncopated guitar rhythm fed through a …
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Live: Music Picks March 26-April 1
There, she was so inspired by the music scene that she hung up her traveling shoes (for the most part) and started playing music, first as a busker and later with her country/folk band Hurray for the Riff Raff. … They're still plenty brutal, though …
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Music Review: Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit
As ever, she isn't preaching, just quietly considering, over guitar that fades in and out with strung-out power chords played with unapologetic ease. “Don't stop listening/I'm not finished yet/ I'm not fishing for your compliments,” Barnett sings on …
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If You Like Nudity, You'll Love This Interview
Drums drop in and drive alongside guitar chords. Then the riff hits and you bust through a wall. You can't help it. … I was playing one of his guitars. He has a ton of guitars, and sometimes he makes guitars. He'll take parts of different guitars and …
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