Ear Force X1 Stereo Headset with Chat – Xbox 360

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  • kyel "kyel" says:
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    Mic causes annoying buzzing sound, May 10, 2008
    kyel “kyel” (Boston, MA) –

    = Fun:2.0 out of 5 stars 
    This review is from: Ear Force X1 Stereo Headset with Chat – Xbox 360 (Accessory)
    Bought the Turtle Beach X1 headset, worked great initially. GF was happy the 360 would no longer disturb her with sounds at night. However, once I plugged the puck and mic into the controller, all went downhill. I play on LIVE in games that needs a mic to communicate with friends (Call of Duty 4). Whenever the mic is plugged in, there is a LOUD annoying buzzing sound that won’t go away until I unplug the puck and mic from the controller. Without the mic attached, sound works great, but the left speakers had a tendency to go out intermittently. Really had high hopes for this headset, will probably return.

    Update 5/22/08:
    Buzzing sound problem: I was able to identify the source of the buzzing sound from the headset. After plugging in different controllers, mics and set-ups, the culprit is the wired charge kit adapter that connects from the 360 to the wireless controller that is being charged. The solution is to use only a wireless controller with the headset. That means now I have to charge the wireless controllers when I am not using the headset or purchase a separate battery pack charger. Turtle Beach website support is not that easy to navigate, but the FAQ does mention a ground AC connector causing interference, and I assumed it meant the charge kit cable. I wish the FAQ/support site was more clear in their wording.

    Left-side speakers losing sound: The problem was identified and solved. Reason was hook-up to Onkyo sound system. Onkyo sound system is hooked up to 360 by digital connection and then the Turtle headset uses analog. Had to turn off digital surround sound, which caused the fluctuation in right/left headset speakers and switched to stereo sound. This also reduced the loud bass BOOMs. (Shotgun blasts in COD4 are incredibly LOUD). I decided to connect to the Sharp Aquos LCD directly and avoid having to switch settings on the Onkyo sound system.

    My previous review gave 2-stars. Amazon does not allow for changing of stars but I would say 4 stars now. After troubleshooting, I have decided to keep the Turtle Beach headset. Future buyers be aware that you may need to troubleshoot depending on your set-up.


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  • Truth Teller says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Works as expected, May 14, 2007
    Truth Teller (Colorado, USA) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Ear Force X1 Stereo Headset with Chat – Xbox 360 (Accessory)
    I wanted this so that I could play Xbox 360 with the volume where I wanted it without disturbing my family while being able to still play on live. It gets the job done, so I recommend it.

    – The sound is good (not fantastic, but definitely good)
    – Seems to be pretty comfortable

    – Number of wires are annoying
    – If I have the play and charge kit hooked up when the controller battery is already charged, it seems to cause a little background hiss. This is probably the fault of the controller, though.

    – Make the Xbox Live headset functionality wireless on all models
    – Make a version that is totally wireless is a rechargeable base

    Bottom line:

    UPDATE: I have since bought the Ear Force X3. My review for it is on that product page: http://www.amazon.com/Ear-Force-X3-Headset-Wireless-Audio/dp/B000VHY3GO/ref=cm_cr-mr-title


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  • Jose Garcia says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    BEST AT WHAT THEY ARE!, August 11, 2009
    Jose Garcia

    = Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
    This review is from: Ear Force X1 Stereo Headset with Chat – Xbox 360 (Accessory)
    the x1 headphones are a really great product at a great price. i make a huge deal of what headphones i like to use. and theses just cut the cake for video gaming. other lower rating reviewers are quite foolish. il tell you what u need and why these are great headphones.

    USE : these headphones are ment specifically for gaming and chat. (xbox 360, pc)

    SOUND/PERFORMANCE: i carefully listened to numerous games and music types. and a lot of them had hidden sounds. in call of duty 5, i could definetly hear things i didnt know were there. i noticed that when reloading guns there was an additional sound i never noticed. same goes for firing weapons. besides the fact that you can hear certain sounds, the device makes everything sounds so rich and crisp, i could even hear bass strings in guitar hero be strummed in some songs, which i never noticed before. one con is that if you listen closely you can hear a faint fuzz noise if your listening in utter silence. but this is easily forgiveable and makes sense. once you begin playing it stops. the fuzz is NOT INTENSE. turn up any high powered sound device and youl probably hear a fuzz. ex. turning up your car speakers with no music. there is a fuzz. yea and what happens next? it delivers LOUDLY. YES, you can blast the phones up high, but instead of hurting you ears, it adds a greater sense of focus, like a relaxing yet alert feeling. Explosions sound great with the built in bass, and its great for music. the bass stays under countrol when playing and poses no threat to ruining focus. THESE HEAPHONES WILL HELP YOUR HOUSEHOLD MEMBERS SLEEP BETTER AT NIGHT!

    COMFORT : these have got to be the most comforting headphones of the limitless pairs i have. i always seem to rub my ears with most headphones, but these just feel great, no probelems with my ears getting irratated. and u can adjust the size of the headphones to fit your head, and the ear cups can automatically adjust to your ears. as a person with big ears like me, oh they fit alright, my ears even got wiggle room. truth is. if u wanted you can definetly fall asleep with these on. they are comfortable

    TECHNICAL SPECS : the cable for the heaphones is close to 8 feet or so. they are very long and may cause issues. but yet again poor reviewers cant be creative enough to make it work to your convenience. there is a strap that lets you valcroe extra slack. the microphone works great on the x1, i dont have issudes with it and i can chat with ease.

    OVERALL : these are definetly covenient both night and day. these make excellent headphones that will most likely suprise you for your money. for pro gaming, these ARE a neccesity. they WILL give you an edge in gameplay. or if you just wanna be quiet at night these will be a smart choice. get these. they will help you more than youd like. BE A PRO WITH THESE GREAT LOW PRICED HEADPHONES.

    5 stars

    these are 60 or 70 dollars at best buy. dont be fooled by that monopoly. choose amazon.

    thank you amazon for your amazing deals and service!!!

    (customer service may vary)


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