Bassnectar details his 'diverse, eclectic, immersive, experimental' mixtape

Bassnectar details his 'diverse, eclectic, immersive, experimental' mixtape
Beauty—his first no.1 album—is a gorgeous collage of punishing bass and delicate tuning that fills your body as much as it does a stadium.) But he … Over its 17 tracks there are remixes of some familiar songs, like his take on The Naked And Famous …
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A Tale of Two Hosts: Timothy Joseph and Daye Salani
He didn't play guitar at the time, and he wasn't in any official bands, but you can tell the people who have an ear for music, and he was one of them." Timothy Joseph performing with … I think we did a U2 cover; Daye played bass. I sang, but I can't …
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Holy Ground. // Scenes From Wednesday's Holly Hunt And Mono Show At Club
Theirs was a massive sound that paired a guitar tuned so low that it sounded like a distorted bass with propulsive, purposely repetitive and technically proficient drumming. As soon as the band started to play, it had the small crowd was in awe — and …
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