Barbara Ellen (Prager) Billingsley

Barbara Ellen (Prager) Billingsley
She played bassoon and bass drum in her high school band. She was a third-generation country-dance musician, featured on keyboards, bass, rhythm and lead guitars and vocals in numerous bands. She also played for numerous weddings, funerals, and …
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Daniel Levitin Talks Too Much Information
And being a guitar player probably was not it. [Laughs.] Or a comedian, for that matter. So, I thought, well this is a … What that meant was that there was not just one club in town, which had an exclusive roster of name people, but there were like …
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Roland Announces SY-300 Guitar Synthesizer and Expands Blues Cube Amp
Powered by cutting-edge BOSS technology, the SY-300 allows musicians to play latency-free polyphonic synth sounds with any guitar, with no special pickup needed. Users can also process their regular guitar sound with the SY-300's synth parameters and …
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Concert preview: Strong new album fuels Interpol's resurgence
Longtime bassist Carlos Dengler left the band in 2010 after Interpol released its self-titled fourth album, leaving the remaining musicians to tour in support of the record with a series of fill-ins. … With Daniel Kessler providing an epic wash of …
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