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  • lapendos naz says:

    Superb run. Nice guitar. Ur the best.

  • Blake Cox says:

    Marty your a guitar beast, I would love to have a personal lesson to
    sharpen my skill set.

  • Ryan Dee says:

    Marty really grew into that hat over the years

  • webscaped says:


  • Robert Parker McCollum says:

    Hello, I’ve been playing guitar for about a year now and wanted to ask some
    opinions about whether fingerpicking or flatpicking is better for playing
    traditional american folk music. EDIT: Or Folk Blues

  • countryboy256 says:

    What kind of strings are you using? I need new strings, I just don’t have
    the money. When I buy new strings, I want to buy something that I know I
    will like. 

  • Danny Chavez says:

    Sweetest run on guitar!

  • Karim Cherifi says:

    thankyou it’s helpfull :)

  • martin evans says:

    hi marty had promation off you saying for one dollar get all those videos
    for one dollar is that right or is there a catch init thank you

  • takeawayeverything says:

    Thank you very much for the cool lick. I just have one question.
    Can you teach me what you’re doing at 8:32 (The small lick you through in
    there as a finishing phrase)
    I think that is soo bluesy and cool

  • Cosmos says:

    Cool video thank you ! Could you do or will you do a guitar lesson of the
    song “It hurts me too” by Elmore James ? I can’t find it anywhere.

  • handschuhmacher says:

    What a great lesson, easy,but very,very useful! Greetz from germany to
    Marty and the whole crew, happy holidays!

  • Dave Russell says:

    I play what I like to call the Fat Finger Major Blues, extremely muted.

  • dannyhugh100 says:

    Thanks Marty, best teacher

  • 333MrMack says:

    You had me up until you started that “land of the A7th” bullshit! WHY?

  • Gerald Ringer says:

    Marty, this was fun. There is a lot that can be done with the concepts
    demonstrated here. Thank you, the original Kahuna Maui

  • MrBrianFett says:

    Probably the most fun I’ve had with my guitar since I started playing a
    year ago. You’ve been with me a lot on this journey and I thank you for

  • Jeremy Schiff says:

    this is the worst hat he’s ever worn

  • James Hoppe says:

    is this guitar standard tuning? My A does not reverberate like that,
    throwing me off…

  • Богдан Панчук says:

    Criticize my channel, I want to improve with your help!

  • john halligan says:

    you are filthy

  • Giulio Voce says:

    Ciao , complimenti per il video , passa nel mio canale ;)

  • 333MrMack says:

    You are blessed, my friend…

  • Aziz Izgin says:

    Fantastic lesson, thanks for sharing Marty! I am a big fan!
    May I ask, what’s the name of the guitar you are playing ?

  • James D landry says:

    Very very happy with this course. My playing has improved in a very short
    time and I have no dough in my mind i’ll be playing like i’ve always wanted
    too in a very short time THANK YOU VERY MUCH……

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