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Guitar Hero: 12-year-old Chappelow student to play classic Rush in Stars of
He also sings in Chappelow's choir and plays in the orchestra. “The electric guitar seems way more versatile,” said Garcia. Liam likes the guitar because he can play songs that are technical and provide a challenge, exactly like the song “YYZ.” Liam …
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15-Year-Old, Real Life Guitar Hero Nails Notoriously Difficult DragonForce Song
Ready to feel bad about your perfect score on “Through the Fire and Flames” in Guitar Hero III? Watch Tina S.—who has kind of made it her business to blow us away with her guitar skills—effortlessly turn in a mind-boggling performance of the song …
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Treefort 2015: Friday's best bands and photos
The Idaho rock icons, due to release their eighth album, "Untethered Moon," next month, played an enthusiastic 90 minutes, covering ground from a Michael Hurley cover ("The Slurf Song") to 1994's "Big Dipper" and new cut "All Our Songs." The set moved …

Music lessons meet Guitar Hero with the new Jellynote learning app
The service provides you with the sheet music for thousands of songs, and uses the microphone on your computer or smartphone to gamify the process of learning an instrument, scoring you based on the percentage of correct notes you play for piano, bass, …
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