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Column: End of an era for cycling's most eccentric champion
But later, with brutal honesty, he then told an interviewer that those games weren't as thrilling as the time he got to play guitar with his rock idol, Paul Weller, former frontman for The Jam. In sum, Wiggins … Google: 'Bradley's love of Paris …
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College student building following as Taylor Swift tribute artist
I loved her songs and her message so considerably that when I was 15, immediately after her second album came out, I picked up one particular of my brother's guitars. I mentioned, 'Can you teach me how to play 'Love Story'? There were just 4 chords I …
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How I finally stopped my children's fights and tantrums
Even by our household's low requirements, the morning I meet parenting specialists Carole and Nadim Saad has been challenging. Clemmie, seven, knocks a guitar onto her ten-year-old sister Sasha's tank of Aqua Dragons, or tiny shrimps. Water spills.
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Former Rhapsody, Sony Exec Sends An Open Letter To The Music Business
Write Dear Music Biz, It's been a good, close, intimate and mostly wonderful 15 years… but I think we need some time apart. It's not me. It's you. You've changed. Digital music business, you used to be the scrappy underdog. They ignored you. Then …

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