Easy Acoustic Guitar Lessons For Beginners – How to tune

Easy Acoustic Guitar Lessons For Beginners – How to tune a guitar.

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  • Ana Tavarez says:

    I don’t get it I just got a guitar and I’m 12

  • monica limbu says:
  • dean thompson says:

    Eddie ate dynamite, good by Eddie.
    This has cleared up my way of thinking. lol

  • dean thompson says:

    My question remains…how does one start if the low E is off by a mile? I
    mean you have to have a jump off point that’s correct.
    A normal comfortable hum doesn’t exactly work to perfection for me.

  • jacob k says:

    @AfuckingA101 l o l

  • Fitra Monte says:

    thanks! that’s help a lot!!!

  • nishant1111000009999 says:

    jm jhf ghj k vftr hn vkj kghk j jk jk vjkgjk ukl vj f jkjk jm v juk l; l
    lkg j hkbnjk jkgkj

  • xmariemacabrex says:

    @augie150 dood electric guitars obviously sound differently to acoustic so
    why not search “tuning a ELECTRIC guitar” ._.?

  • tenealaguitarspencer says:

    i have that exact same tuner, !! 😀

  • QwiikDropShots says:

    Eddie Ate Dinomite Good Bye Eddie

  • SKITTL3Z37 says:

    Eat A Dick Gay Bitch Eyahhh!

  • Cale Barber says:

    (from high E string up) Easter Bunnies Get Drunk At Easter

  • superpandyandy says:

    Eat All Day Get Big Easy

  • AngryMusicNerd says:

    ok i have a elecric guitar and every time i strum on the first fret with
    any of them it sounds like a sitar noooooooooooootttttttttttttttttttt
    ttttttttuuuuuunnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeddddd aaaaaaaaaattttttttt

  • GinaLadiee says:

    I know there is a way to tune your guitar without a tuner, but I forgot how
    to do it… Will you tell me?

  • mackatash says:

    Elvis And Dylan Got Big Egos

  • superpandyandy says:

    Eat All Day Get Big Easy

  • Celia Noriega says:

    @AfuckingA101 its the e a d g b e a way to remember the strings (i may not
    have morded or named that correctly but i’m just a beginer on this

  • Svante Pålsson says:

    @allyforever156 Then say it quietly for yourself and noone will know! 🙂
    Keep on playing, I’ve only played since I was 21 and I just wish I’d picked
    up the guitar when I was your age. 🙂 Peace!

  • RalphyX says:

    I don’t get this at all. What do you mean when you say “The needle has to
    be in the middle”? What needle? What’s with all of the note terminology? I
    don’t know how to play specific notes yet. I just want to learn how to tune
    the damn thing.

  • D. Areus says:

    This one helps the best. Even A Double-neck Guitar Breaks Eventually

  • Dave Losier says:

    the ending solo is crazy

  • TheWellDressedPickle says:

    I knew all this tuff but then I deserted my poor guitar for 2 years now I
    have to learn it all over again. 🙁

  • shahrose10 says:

    Eat All Day Get Big Easy

  • r13ll3 says:

    I dont have a tuner! :((

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