Country Legend Vince Gill On Fender Guitars

For All Your Fender Needs, visit: Country superstar and multiple-Grammy winner Vince Gill talks about how he got hooked on Fender.
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  • Hector Salinas says:

    Many touring musicians struggle with infidelity. After being put on a
    pedestal, they start to feel as though the rules of marriage do not apply.
    Vince and his ex wife Janis were both guilty of tasting the flesh of

  • jwahh says:

    53′ Tele for $450 bucks. Yeah, pretty nice steal there.

  • Dyno Don Ressler says:

    Super guy & super star

  • alfonso ramos says:

    Just a cool, decent, gifted guy. I’ve grown to really dig Vince Gill and
    appreciate his stuff.

  • sammy reynolds says:

    I can tell you Janis wasn’t so innocent. Both of them cheated so stop your
    damn male bashing.

  • c7i6abc says:

    Vince is a great singer and artist, I like his music. But (and here’s why
    you won’t be posing this) I find it difficult to ignore the stories on the
    internet about him cheating on Janus, his wife of 17 years. It makes me a
    bit sick that he hurt her so badly and wasn’t up front with her. Other than
    that, yea, he’s a nice guy they say.

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