Best Acoustic Guitar Songs!

Looking for new guitar songs to learn? Here are 123 possibilities, all played in one take! Here are some answers to your questions: TABS: Guitar used: Ibanez AEG10EVS…
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  • BobbyCrispy says:

    Another great acoustic guitar song is ‘Horizons’ by Genesis ( Steve Hackett

  • Alejandro Pérez says:

    oh my god this is great i love it

  • jetroar17 says:

    This guy has talent (and a nice porch)!!

  • Devon Chase says:

    Excellent. Only one I was waiting for was maybe CSNY. But great job

  • melissa anthony says:

    My eyes got so big when he moved the capo to the 6th fret like omg I didn’t
    know people wrote songs that high 0.0

  • Lord Jesuch says:

    Very good selection of songs. And I glad there is no stairway to heaven.

  • Johnny Samara says:

    Any Yes? 

  • dj fox says:

    Good diversity of songs! I liked it I was kinda hoping you were gonna
    squeeze over the hills and far away in there since it’s one of the most
    iconic opening riff of all probably only second to sweet home Alabama lol
    but very good got a kick out the tuning bits

  • Lynel Pinto says:

    Damn you are the best acoustic guitarist….I’ve heard of till date!

  • Thai Racer says:

    I think I’m gonna throw up.

  • J.P. Kallio says:

    Fantastic stuff! Keep up the good work :-)

  • Nelly Sigis says:

    amazing :)

  • Scruffy TheFox says:

    5 minutes through the video and a song titled “i wanna f*** a dog”. I think
    i’m done with guitar 4 today lol

  • Seekery419 says:

    brilliant video

  • abren :D says:

    another great acoustic song is honestly by harem scarem

  • xayvo gaming says:

    Thanks ma, this has been great for the past year every time I can’t think
    of another song to learn I come here AMD start where I left off. You will
    see me playing good riddance(first song you played on here) in my videos,
    anyways thanks man

  • HazePyro says:

    This is amazing. Im favoring thiss

  • Zachary Blake says:

    Me and my guitarist friends made a drinking game out of this, every time we
    heard a song any one of us knew we all had to drink!

  • Gino Kemp says:

    Not very good player 

  • TheMrCoolGuy says:

    I’m really hoping you’ve just never heard of Dashboard Comfessional,
    because if you’ve heard him, and didn’t put him on this list that would be
    very very disappointing.

  • Peter Molenaar says:

    whoever plays guitar knows these are the izi bits. Still very good and
    bad though :)

  • ADCobra101 says:

    What is the actual name of the Romance Anónonimo song? 

  • Bryson Staples says:

    Excellent rainy day afternoon ideas. Thanks for the hours spent creating
    that bit of picken. Enjoyed it thoroughly! Wrote down several…now alls I
    gotta due is pick it up.
    Peace to all,

  • Harry Law says:

    ermagawd hes good

  • Nikita Karki says:

    we have the exact same guitar :D

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