6 Acoustic Guitars. Blind Tone Test (ANSWERS) By Scott Grove

6 Acoustic Guitars. Blind Tone Test (ANSWERS) By Scott Grove

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  • Syed Armaghan Hassan says:

    It was such a fun video.. lol

    Thanks for sharing..

    my ratings were like:
    Guitar 1: ok
    Guitar 2: Better
    Guitar 3: Even Better
    Guitar 4: Really nice
    Guitar 5: Really nice
    Guitar 6: ok

    I think sound of Guitars also depends upon the way you play it.. I can play
    1 guitar and make it sound like different other Guitars..

    So, I really can not have an opinion unless I play each of those Guitars my

    However, as I said, i really liked this video.. It was fun to watch.. And I
    liked this test.. just the sound..

  • Jack Alberto says:

    I know I’m kinda late, but this first part of the comment I want to say I
    love this type of videos, hahahaha, I remember the other one about
    japanese, mexican and USA made Fender, was really awesome. And the only
    people who don’t like this videos are the ones who bought a 10k instrument,
    but still is a piece of crap(if they use it to play, not to resell, or just
    to have it, of course).
    Now I saw the entire video, and my thoughts about the guitars, in
    fav-to-less fav order:
    2-Have that sparkly sound like the first one, but looks like less, it’s
    really good to listen to that guitar, if I want a guitar, maybe that would
    be my choice
    1-Have a sparkly sound, some people could say it’s too much(…).
    3-I’d say it’s like the second guitar, but with that “waaaarmm”
    5-cool, have a nice sound, but sound like a lot of (cheap) stuff I’ve heard.
    6-Don’t sound like a good guitar, it’s not too “nasal” as guitars #3, and
    #4 (waaarm), but it don’t have a that bright side either.
    4-really “warm”(looks like the guitar was in a cave with some weird stuff
    ## Sorry if my english is not as god as it should be, I hope everybody
    looking my comment can at least understand me, thanks ##

  • josh schneider says:

    I hate elixers!

  • Patrick Rowling says:

    Now THAT was fun! Thanks for making this video …
    I didn’t cheat, though I actually tried to rank them by price instead of
    how much I liked them. I listened through the samples three times, and
    ranked them by perceived cost. The one I thought was the $179 guitar? The
    Martin. Ahahahaha!
    The one I thought was the most expensive? The Ibanez.
    It brings to mind a recording session I did several years ago: Everybody
    RAVED about my bass tone, how it was the best they’d heard, must be playing
    a Fodera or a Sadowsky, yadda, yadda, yadda. The look on their faces when I
    told them it was a Squier Standard Jazz Bass going direct through a beat up
    Countryman DI was priceless.
    Have you done other videos like this? If not, please do. You have the
    instruments (obviously), and the musicality to make it work (control of
    dynamics, clean picking/fretting, etc.) … I personally would enjoy
    playing along at home. 

  • Leonard Winchester says:

    Been a while since I’ve checked in with you. I didn’t cheat, because I knew
    better than to rate the guitars. Though not on your level of expertise, I
    have many years behind me of playing and listening.
    Having read most of the comments, some were quite astute and some were kiss
    My consideration is, I would (depending upon the genre of music I was
    playing) not hesitate to play any of these.
    Who could make an Ovation sound better than Glen Cambell. That Martin would
    sound great accompanying The Orange Blossom Special. The Taylor works well
    with most of a John Denver’s drop D Tunning. I’ve had a few Washburn
    guitars that suited me just fine. Not overly fond of Ibanez but, they do
    great in Blues. Haven’t tried the Silverton for many years. Perhaps I
    should. Great video Scott. Your thought provoking videos are classic.

  • Hank Terrebrood says:

    Interesting that in the comment section back from before anyone knew the
    results, many chose the Ovation, Silvertone or Washburn as their favorite
    by number, even when they incorrectly identified which guitar was played in
    which sequence.
    Comments from after the results were revealed should be deleted as they are
    obviously brand biased and not helpful to folks looking for the “blind”
    selection results.
    Those after guitar reveal comments are useless with several returning to
    justify their first selection as wrong, “but after listening a second time
    I picked the __ as my favorite” and “surprised that I picked the Ovation as
    When you did the 3 guitar blind test in 2012 the results were similar with
    many picking the Ovation as their favorite sounding guitar.
    Again, post guitar reveal the comment on that video were mostly useless or
    highly brand defensive.
    I play a made in China Oscar Schmidt by Washburn and am now in the market
    for an old Ovation solid top.
    Thank you for your efforts to remove brand and cost bias when selecting for

  • ukniko says:

    to be fair ,you should have had all poly web on all 6 guitars.
    I have a Ibenez talmax poly web strings , it would take a lot Imean a lot
    of convincing to tell me those expensive guitars could touch my ibenez ( I
    think I bought mine for 200 hundred bucks ) ITS FUCKING AWESOME, sorry
    about the torrets

  • J Trice says:

    I have played a 250 dollar Hohner for 3 years now and still can’t put the
    thing down!!! Its sounds and plays GREAT!!!

  • Donnie Anderson says:

    To my ears I prefer 1, 2 & 3. They all sound similar and clearer such as
    a Rosewood. If I were to choose it would be in order 1, 2, and 3 but it’s
    so close price would be a factor in a purchase. Then 6 and 4 which sound
    similar, and deeper than the first 3 like a Mohagany vs Rosewood
    difference. I find 5 sounds worse to me, like a laminated top. Like that
    plastic type sound you get from a $100 guitar. I typed this up before
    hearing the results just so I’m curious to see how I did. so my results
    are 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and lastly 5. 

  • Michel Boulet says:

    I liked the last one the best! 

  • Benjamin Morgan says:

    I chose #1 . I do own a 314 that I got used for $750. Taylor’s have a
    unique sound for sure.

  • Snap Clap says:

    1.taylor 2.washburn 3.ovation 4.ibanez and the martin and silvertone
    equally sounded crappy to me

  • Mick Kennedy says:

    I bought a Yamaha FG-335 acoustic guitar in 1978 — in 1984 I sanded off
    all the factory varnish on the soundboard right down to the bare wood;; I
    then applied a single coat of yacht varnish — I still have this guitar to
    day and will never sell it;; this guitar will fill a room with sound –
    it’s LOUD;; I recently converted it to a baritone by simply re-cutting the
    nut and adding an ‘A’ string from a set of extra-light BASS strings (tuning
    that string up to ‘B’ — then to ‘C’ for a less muddy sound):: If you’ve
    never tried a baritone guitar, try this simple conversion — great for
    finger picking and mellow rhythms. 

  • Roger Hutchinson says:

    Seems that the same make guitars don’t necessarily sound the same? I would
    like to get a Washburn, Cort or a Seagull but a little afraid if I buy on
    line for the best price I may get a lemon. Any thoughts how to find that
    great guitar? Thanks! 

  • Scott Allen says:

    In order. 4, 3, 2, 5, 1, 6

    I don’t like the high twang of guitars. The Taylor was the twangiest. I
    guess it’s called clarity, but I think it drowns out the middle and low
    tones. The last guitar had more bass, but it sounded muted or muddy. 

  • KevinMillard68 says:

    Number 1 sounded the Best in my Opnion

  • Mark Comish says:

    Silvertone was a revelation to my ears…thanks for this, a great
    idea….youngsters in particular, take note, get an experienced player to
    help you pick to your budget and KNOW that you can play ANYTHING on the
    right 200 usd guitar and sound great IF YOU PRACTICE HARD :)

  • RobtJude says:

    When I go to a music store I usually pick up the $100-$200 acoustics to
    see if there are any gems. Surprisingly, I have bought some really good
    sounding guitars that way. However, most acoustics will sound good playing
    cowboy chords, I find that a true test is to play an “A” and a “D” bar
    chord. If it buzzes and rattles then I know it will need a lot of
    tweaking and set up (fret leveling and neck adjustment) to sound good up
    and down the fret board. Just my 2Cent humble opinion. 

  • redstrat1234 says:

    Amazing – I chose 2 equal first guitars – One was the Taylor and the other
    was the Silvertone

  • Bruce Welty-Johnson says:

    3,6,4,1,2,5 You couldn’t pay me to have the so called great guitars,
    cough, cough Martin and Taylor. Only thing great about them is the price
    tag as far as I’m concerned.
    Thanks Scott!! That was fun and interesting.

  • TheSilence1 says:

    To me it sounded like 2, 3, and 4 had the best sounding base which i love.
    I’m a mahogany and spruce kind of guy, and an 80/20 phosphor bronze kind of
    guy. Out of these three, 4 seemed to be the clearest across the board from
    bass to mid to treble so I choose 4. Guitar 2 and 3 were a little muddy.
    And the winner is…an Ovation. I’m not surprised that I liked the two
    Martins, but I’m a little surprised that I chose the Ovation.

  • Ray says:

    I realize that this is a little off topic, Mr. Grove but might you consider
    offering for sale a lesson on this song? You do it beautifully.

  • Rob Wagstaff says:

    Great video – thanks! I picked 1 (the Taylor) as my preference followed
    closely 5 (the Ibanez). Just shows high price does not necessarily mean a
    great tone. I have a Korean made PRS SE Angelus that sounds great to my
    ears (very articulate) and an old Chinese made, 2nd hand Ibanez that’s
    sound fine for the $150 I paid. I take a lot from your videos as I’m a
    relative beginner and you’ve certainly helped me avoid spending more money
    than I needed to.

  • drralph100 says:

    I picked Martin dead last, with Ovation second to last…crazy. I have
    always wanted both of these guitars, now not so much. I have a whole lot
    more respect for my Washburn now.
    I picked the Taylor first and thought its sound was incredible, much better
    than any of the others. Not even close. Silvertone second guess your wife
    knows her stuff, then Washburn and Ibanez 4th.

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