Taylor 12 String Walnut Review – How does it sound?

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • lynyrddeville says:

    I really like this 12 string, not too boomy. Maybe it’s the walnut. The
    woods used are stunning.

  • Frank Bassez says:
  • M Stratocaster says:

    Yeah and you’d have to win the lottery to buy it?

  • heerlijkgenieten says:

    It sounds you’re playing good, but that’s just beceause this guitar

  • Christopher Lee May says:

    Wonderful. Thanks for sharing this beautiful 12 string Taylor, walnut
    guitar review.

  • GLZEPHEAD69 says:

    that would be tangerine by ledzeppelin

  • Teachering says:

    A great sounding guitar. So open and so acoustic, if you know what I mean.
    Sound is always such a difficult thing to describe. The woods used for this
    guitar are beautiful. I’ve been wanting a twelve string for my collection
    and have checked out Martin, but, though a diehard Martin fan, I find
    myself continually checking out the Taylor line. I think they excel at
    twelve string. Tony’s playing on this video does much to highlight the
    great sound of this guitar.

  • Eddie Karp says:

    I want this 12 !

  • SteveShivik says:

    I love 12 strings. Does Gibson make 12’s anymore? I’ve seen a few old ones,
    but I have yet to see them being regularly produced. Maybe I’m blind haha

  • 9393zach says:

    I hear wildwood flower!

  • Czar Duhaylungsod says:

    I fall in love on the s0und

  • Denise Ackermann says:

    Hey love your Videos 🙂 Can please Tell Me Where’s The difference between
    “purfling” And “trim”? In The Taylor BTO worksheet I got is no “abalone”
    option for purfling but for “trim”…Can you please help Me 😀

  • Hillmountroad says:

    its good to see some solid walnut based guitars being displayed… seems
    like a relatively well balanced sound.. maybe the mid tones could stand out
    more… beautiful guitar, nice appointments as usual from Taylor

  • Charles Randall says:

    That’s the best sounding Walnut I ever heard. The 12 strings balance out
    the woodiness and lows. Great job.

  • NavyCombatCorpsman says:

    Do you guys ever review or deal with guitars that those of us who are mere
    mortals in this economy can afford? If I have $4,000.00 to $10,000.00 there
    is no way I could spend it on a guitar and still be in this side of the

  • Cody Burch says:

    What was the first song you played? I haven’t heard it in ages

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