Martin LXM review – First Time Guitar Buyers Guide

Kevin Craine, author of “The First Time Guitar Buyers Guide” reviews the Martin LXM. The “Little Martin” can be a great first guitar. More info http://FirstT…
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Acoustic Guitar senior editor Teja Gerken demonstrates the Martin 000X1AE guitar. For the full review, please check out the April 2013 issue of Acoustic Guit…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Chris Hawks says:

    hiya!is that the one ed sheeran use?

  • Amanda Álvaro says:

    is there any guitar the same size as this, but not so expensive as a martin?

  • Duane Park says:

    Thanks for the review. I just purchased my 1st Martin (the LXM) and I
    appreciate and agree with your notes of durability regarding the HPL
    construction. A Martin is a Martin and I agree that they tend to hold their
    value. I think it’s a great value for what it is, and what it’s intended
    use is for, else Martin would not be offering it to the public. Thanks

  • tonixx20 says:

    Hi I want to learn guitar but I don’t know which guitar I should buy. I
    will be travelling a lot so I’m thinking of buy a travel guitar but I have
    trouble choosing between 4 guitars Martin LX1E, LXblack, LXK2, and LXME.
    Please let me know which one you think is the best and why 🙂 Thank You.

  • Duane Park says:

    Incidentally, Kevin, don’t let my photo mislead you as I am 55 and have a
    collection of guitars… I think the Martin LXM will suit my needs for
    family fun, travel, etc…. and that’s why I bought it, not being a 1st
    time guitar buyer, I guess I’ve learned some hard lessons with the
    expensive ones. 🙂 I’m glad I can get this one @ a reasonable price and to
    suit my needs. Cheers.

  • KCCraineMusic says:

    Amanda. I don’t know of many other small sized guitars like the Little
    Martin that are less expensive. You might look also at the Taylor GS mini.
    I suggest you look for a used instrument, since you’ll save about half of
    what a new one will cost. Try Craigslist and eBay.

  • Brook Lane. says:

    Ed sheeran uses the LX1E i think. It’s pretty similar. The main difference
    is that the models with “E” in the name just means that it has electronic
    built in.

  • FirstTimeGuitarBuyer says:

    Tonixx…all of those little Martin’s would be a great choice. My
    suggestion is to try a few different ones and choose the one that “speaks”
    to you. You might also consider the Taylor GS mini as well.

  • FirstTimeGuitarBuyer says:

    Hey SuperSlayer…thanks for your comment. My first suggestion is to look
    at used instruments. You get more bang for your buck buying used. I got a
    great used Martin D15, for instance, for that price not long ago including
    a nice TKL case. It is featured in my book. Some great buys can be had on
    used Taylors as well. If you want to purchase new, the Taylor GS mini is
    getting great reviews, but it’s also a travel sized guitar. The Martin X
    Series are also very fine guitars at that price point.

  • Tony smith says:

    Amanda Try Gear4 folk deluxe acoustic parlour guitar. Its got a
    solid spruce top and some nice mother of pearl inlays and only costs $150.

  • lartristan says:

    Hi Kevin, I was wondering where you got the pickguard for your LXM?

  • FirstTimeGuitarBuyer says:

    Lartristan. It’s a Greven pickguard. We got ours online from Maury’s music.

  • Angie p says:

    looks really big 😮

  • Wes Dance says:

    This or a 00-15m, just by listening to this video i’d rather double the
    price, adjectives like ‘interesting’ really don’t attract me to this
    guitar, although the name Martin and the price tag does…however i’ll be
    staying with 00-15m. Thanks for a informative review.

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