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Stagg : SW201
Stagg : SW201. 3 reviews … But I think it will probably be scratched and battered. Who wants a pristine guitar? They look so much better used. Look at SRV's Number One. // 9. Overall Impression: I am very happy with this guitar, and as it's my first …
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Stagg : C530
Reliability & Durability: This guitar has been around for a while, and is still in great condition apart from some small dents, so I would be happy to play live with it as long as I was sat down, It has no strap buttons. Overall though, it is very …
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Stagg : T300
The bridge is Tele-style with three saddles (2 strings sit on one saddle). On this guitar there is all-chrome hardware. For controls there is a 3-way pickup selector with a top-hat Switch and 2 chrome knobs for volume and tone. The headstock of this is …
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