John McCutcheon: Joe Hill's Last Will

John McCutcheon: Joe Hill's Last Will
“The Preacher and the Slave” comes across as an enlightened Salvation Army band hymn with the marching band horn accompaniment of Graham Breedlove, John Jenson, and Dave Brown. “What We Want” offers McCutcheon an opportunity to show off his …
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Breedlove Discovery Concert CE
There are no airs and pretences here – no lofty (and fictional) claims of intimate workshop construction, no endorsements from guitarists that are never seen with the guitar after the initial photoshoot. Instead, all Breedlove looks to do is give you …
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My Morning Jacket: Childlike Wonder
Breedlove made Jim James this custom Revival 000, which he loves. “That's my main acoustic touring guitar,” James says. “I think acoustic guitars normally sound like shit live, but this thing really sounds good.” James is shown here closing out night …
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