Ibanez RG550XH – Amazing 30 Fret Guitar – Chappers Shreds Out (& reviews it too!)

Chappers & the Captain review the new Ibanez RG550XH guitar with 30 frets!! See how fast Chappers can play when the frets are only a couple mm apart! This gr…

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  • Demy's Guitar Lessons says:

    I wouldn’t personally use those extra frets that often, but it really lets
    you acces the 22nd fret a lot easier than with a regular guitar

  • Maafa 1619 says:

    Not a fan of Ibanez flat skinny necks… That Paul Gilbert guitar is the
    only one I’d even consider buying… Then I’d buy another Fender with an
    aftermarket baseball bat neck.

  • Jack Stormer says:

    “Fernandes Sustainiac”? The hell? xD

  • darkinertia2 says:

    very interesting guitar, I love Ibanez so this is a great idea and I love
    the paint job, I didn’t think I would. maybe the higher frets would be more
    useful if you tuned down a few steps so they weren’t so ear piercing?
    theres some cool possibilities with this guitar that ill never be able to
    do myself lol

  • Blasphemous Prime Reviews says:

    Needs to be 36 frets so we can have 3 octaves per string.

  • Benjamin Jayko says:

    The clarity coming out of that LANEY is amazing! 

  • Sammy Daboul says:

    there’s something in your pants Rob…..

  • Dan Ilges says:

    they should of done it in hot neon pink

  • Ross Ian Wylie says:

    Was really interested in this guitar for a few reasons. That was until you
    mentioned active and and batteries ugh ! Also, that it only comes in one
    colour, Chesney Hawkes meets Country and Western is a bit of a turn off.
    The price is awesome though and hopefully they’ll do other colours ?
    Another top review cheers guys.

  • Arpan Mitra says:

    how does rob come up with random solos whenever he wants?

  • Adam Johns says:

    I love the red and also the Blue which came out in 2014…. Black guitars
    are everywhere,, go the sparkle colors…

  • Richie Rich says:

    Very ugly guitar

  • Dexter6662 says:

    very great review, by the way I’ve ordered my Gretsch Corvette on Andertons
    website and my order has been very fastly shipped, very proud and satisfied
    of my purchase.

  • Greg Jonson says:

    I just imagined the sound of the 30th fret AND a two-octaves-up Whammy on.

  • DamageIncM says:

    This is interesting. I doubt it will be a standard or anything, but I
    personally like it.
    I mean, I’ve very often have run into actually pretty much needing a 26th
    fret to hit the high note there in standard tuning, without bending the
    note on the 24th fret. Believe it or not, I often put my musical expression
    all the way up there, and I find myself running out of frets, even with 24.
    Forget about a 22-fret guitar for me, apart from the ones I detune for the
    more modern Metal that doesn’t tend to go up there or do solos/leads at all.

    But I think there are guitars that have like the fretboard extended for a
    couple of frets for just the higher strings no? The ones that have the
    fretboard cut off at an angle instead of straight… Which guitars have
    that again?

  • TallSlimShady97 says:

    Eight string, thirty frets… Nuff said 

  • Dexter6662 says:

    If it were me I’d let only the bridge pickup in order to keep a maximum of
    sustain, and eventualy replace original pickup by a Seymou Duncan one.

  • Rex Helley says:

    That cutaway is badass

  • Jamie Clark says:

    Red is better than black.

    SO many cheapie schaffordable guitars are black to hide their
    schaffordableness. Black makes me think low quality (because it’s safe)

    When you go red sparkle, you’re not hiding it anywhere. People will notice,
    so it better be quality. This seems to be!

    Also, I’d like to hear it strung BEADGB with ought the high E. You’ll get
    almost all the high range of a normal 22 fret 6 string, plus lows without
    bothering with a 7, plus you can match the tension with the thumb screw!
    Thoughts, +andertons ?

  • TheAgentAssassin says:

    pass the alcohol wipes Chappers humped another guitar

  • Mascot Quellson says:

    Red is a strange choice for a finish, but they’re probably going to roll
    out more of these in a year or two (with 3 more strings, as well).

  • steve01evil says:

    this in 8 string?

    i love the red , but also the tension wheel.

  • Ralphie Ralph says:

    those dreads are clip-on´s 😉 looks horrible on him..sad but true

  • JohnnyMrHattersmith says:

    Chapman would freak out if he had an old Hamer Virtuoso. The 36 frets would
    make him go absolutely mad. 

  • Niclas Lundsby Skousen says:

    My favorite finish, is he sorta matte black, that jim root has on his

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