Harmony Central Meets the Squier VM Jaguar

Harmony Central Meets the Squier VM Jaguar

Harmony Central’s Phil O’Keefe unboxes a new Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar and takes a first look at this budget friendly offset body electric guitar that mixes traditional vintage styling…
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  • Jon Bye says:

    I appreciate you’re trying to give people info on this guitar but for
    goodness sake, PLAY THE GUITAR. No one is going to care about the weight or
    the box it comes in if the guitar sounds like nails chucked under a lawn
    mower. It is a musical instrument, fulfill its purpose. 

  • Spanky McCallister says:

    Nice looking guitar. Is Harmony Central even still going? Last time I saw
    it they did some sort of “upgrade” which destroyed it and everyone left.
    They had no one left on the forums.

  • Brian Mannino says:

    Loving the White with the pickguard!! I have the Surf Green Jag with a
    upgraded pearl pickguard. I was getting annoyed with the stock bridge so I
    Pulled off a Tuneamatic from a Kurt Cobain Mustang and it’s perfect,
    Replaced the Duncan Designed Bridge Coil with a American 62′ Re-Issue Jag
    Single Coils…I Bought mine for $300, The retail is $500. I Have many
    videos and 2 reviews of my Jag! Check it out on my channel if ya want!

  • HarmonyCentral says:
  • fusionidHM says:

    Cool as always Phil. Then bang, you know all the specs and more. Nice

  • harisfender says:

    this or japan fender jaguar ?

  • PanzarMetal says:

    500 bucks? Are you serious? 250 euros from thoman!

  • yudie says:

    Great review Phil… get in touch with me when you can…

  • davo171 says:

    Hows it sound?

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