Gig review: Väsen, Edinburgh

Gig review: Väsen, Edinburgh
With near-telepathic levels of interaction honed by 26 years on the road, Väsen generate a wonderful melling of timbres, with Tallroth's 12-string guitar cascading through the tight unison playing or lithe harmonising of the viola and nyckelharpa …
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Why play solo when We All Want To
Steward's guitar snarls and bites, a statement of intent if ever you heard one. The pop melodies are still front and centre — song after song of them; swooning delights like Everybody's Damaged and the full-tilt Party Girls (“Hanging around with bands …

The Shortlist album reviews: Sam Outlaw, Say Lou Lou, Dan Hannaford, Sarah
After several years of solid gigging across northern NSW, Dan Hannaford delivers the goods with his debut long-player, 12 tracks road-tested and true, a rock-solid slab of dusty country and ragged-edged blues, as honest as the day is long, twice as …
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