Fender T-Bucket Acoustic Electric Bass Guitar

Demo of the Fender T-Bucket Acoustic Electric Bass Guitar, available at AmericanMusical.com. For more detailed information and other gear reviews, check out …
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  • flahprius says:

    Yes, I agree that the bass is pretty buzzy. I actually play pretty hard.
    In order to get acoustic volume when it’s unplugged, I pick really hard,
    which increases the buzz. You’ll notice the buzz gets reduced once I plug
    it into the amp…….. I don’t have to play as hard to be heard because
    the bass is amplified. Also, now that the bass’s neck has had a chance to
    settle in, there’s slightly more bow, which reduces acoustic buzz a bit.
    It’s still not perfect, but I would prefer a little buzz to raising the
    strings so high that it’s hard to play.

  • flahprius says:

    I just updated the description of the video with time codes and song titles
    for those that are interested. Thanks!!

  • Collins Davis says:

    Using a pick contributes to the buzzy, basses shouldn’t be played with

  • Maddy Lyne says:

    Liking this just for “Killing in the name”. Good job man!

  • Ryan Smith says:

    I play electric bass but I hate how it restricts me to being plugged in.
    Would an acoustic bass be loud enough to say go busking, and be loud enough
    to be heard next to an acoustic 6 string? 

  • BigFatVideos says:

    Does anyone know the second distorted riff? I would like to try to learn
    that one.

  • Myrmie Donn says:

    More like six strings and below! XD hhahaha 

  • Manny4356 says:

    I just bought this bass today. It was your video that convinced me. It
    sounds awesome, and it’s good on my Fender Rumble amplifier, too. :)

  • Derick Penrod says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Megadeth song being played on an acoustic

  • NinjaOnANinja says:

    For those bashing on it for the buzz. It doesn’t buzz. It only buzzes if
    you have bitch fingers and need to use a pic.
    Just saying.

  • Charlie Brown says:

    Thank you so much!!!! slap and pop has always been confusing for me but
    just watching you play helped me get the hang of it :D

  • sto0ff says:

    Very nice review man! Convinced me to get my own EA bass :)

  • BDPSTiTST Pablo says:

    learn to play the bass, what was this disgrace

  • Matthew Novosedlik says:

    how has the bass held up over the past few years?? Quality and tonally??
    Thanks for this demo well done!!

  • statikreg says:

    Needs more string buzz…

  • Dean Perry says:

    I love dat funky bass 

  • gary1961 says:

    Great show. I’ve just bought a Tanglewood acoustic bass and it’s awesome.

  • estdodero says:

    It sounds ugly, I prefer an electric bass

  • masacre182 says:

    Fuck yea! you played rush!

  • Salvaa23 says:

    Did u use the ampli?

  • Gabe Monger says:

    Violent femmes

  • hollyin VA says:

    I have one of these

  • Tilly Calcutt says:

    I want one

  • Phedro Thrasherbass says:

    sabbat vocals!

  • Matthew Novosedlik says:

    Dude you F “ing” rock man!

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