Every Will Ferrell Movie, Ranked From Worst to Best

Every Will Ferrell Movie, Ranked From Worst to Best
Instead, we get awkward penis jokes and a middle-aged white doofus trying to act black. The movie … Ferrell would play Dieter's lover on an episode of Sprockets when Myers hosted the show in 1997, but Myers also helped boost the newcomer's big-screen …
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Charli XCX, Shepherd's Bush Empire, review: 'ferocious'
Playing the Shepherd's Bush Empire is a rite of passage for rising stars and, as XCX admitted to the crowd, her appearance here had been a long time coming: she started work on her first album at 14, played warehouse raves at 16 and I Love It, her …
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The scene is alive
Synthesizers and effects pedals were out in force as locals Sisterhoods, Control and Solar Estates were joined by touring act Light Thieves, and hardly a knob went untweaked. Even the hardest-rocking crew, Control—a brand new group of familiar Chico …
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Sufjan Stevens's Carrie & Lowell, an engrossing piece of the puzzle
Carrie & Lowell is nothing if not bittersweet, however, and early on, we get the first clues that Stevens's grief for his mother, a woman who suffered from depression and alcoholism and would later divorce Lowell, might be freighted with all kinds of …
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