“Stay With Me” by Sam Smith – Super Easy Beginner Songs on Acoustic Guitar – How to play on guitar

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  • Addyxlove Stylinson says:

    Thank you so much for making these videos. I just started playing guitar 3
    days ago and I can already play 2 songs because you actually explain how to
    play them unlike others. Thank you for making this so much easier than it
    sounds ❤

  • Asad Mirza says:


  • XxJustARandomGirlxX says:


  • FLIPPP says:

    All these chords sounds exactly the same when i play it…

  • Larissa says:

    I’ve been trying so long to learn to play my dad’s guitar. The results are
    always the same:( I can play the piano But the guitar is just impossible

  • Anika Hodgson says:

    I suck at figuring out the strum pattern on songs, it would be great if you
    went more in depth on that as well.

  • Kaykay Jackson says:

    Subscribed !!! I can’t wait to get a guitar for christmasssss

  • Kenzie says:

    Why can’t I play guitar. No matter how many time I try it never sounds the
    same or I always do something wrong. I love guitars so much it’s just I
    fail every time. 

  • Chrishtin says:

    Why does my high E always sound out of tune from the others. When i strum a
    chord my High E sounds more noticeable than the other strings and sounds
    whine. what could cause that?

  • Xavier Tournaud says:

    Per usual, simple, to the point and done…Bravo…

  • Chicique says:

    Just want to ask, does anyone know the strumming pattern for this. Cant
    really tell by the video. Thank you 

  • glovesandmore says:

    whats the strum pattern

  • yatzkie montoya says:

    Where can i see the all chords of this song

  • Fiddi Fussel says:

    Are these the same cords for Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down”? You already
    sang it and the two songs really sound the same ;)

  • alyssa rose alcantara says:

    hello. can you tell me what the chords is. can you write it in the comment
    so i can practice it easily. thank you so much 🙂

  • GokuWharton says:

    Hey I learnt the chord but I couldn’t catch the strumming pattern. Anyone
    know it please?

  • Michael Francis says:

    Just a recommendation, you should consider singing to demonstrate how to
    begin etc..

  • Monica Honest says:

    i know nothing about guitars… so i dont know what im doing wrong.. but i
    tuned my guitar into standard… is this in a different tuning? because im
    following the finger placement the best i can.. and when i strum im coming
    out with a clear sound.. but it just sounds completely different.. and im
    going crazy.. or am i just doing this wrong?

  • Roseann Botzon says:

    ok heres the deal i have always wanted to learn how to play ….Soo one
    late night i see a play thirty songs in thirty days by keith urban.Ha! i
    say1 i have been at it for about two months and still cant play the first
    song! now broke and extremely irritated I found you but im still
    struggling can you please point me to your absolute first, never played
    before video, if you have one.I heve learned three cords still cant really
    switch and strumming is still a little shaky PLEASE HELP

  • Kelly Wood says:

    I really wanted to like this video but you went through the chords way too
    fast for a super beginner video. Maybe add text or picture? Something so I
    can pause it yet still see the chord while I try to figure out the
    fingering without having to keep rewinding. Beautiful playing though!

  • yatzkie montoya says:

    Pls finish the song

  • Raiden K. says:

    Why do guitar tutorials get dislikes on videos? It’s just a tutorial.
    Nothing bad or offensive about them.

  • djnAbNo2 says:

    hey, do you have video’s on strumming patterns? 

  • Joseph Tugade says:

    What kind of Taylor guitar are you using?

  • DRGamerPRO says:

    Thank You So Much For teaching Thoroughly Unlike others, I only started
    guitar 1 week ago and I can play one song and 2 riffs

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