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Cary Guitar Lessons instructors see payoff with student success
Krause and Linthicum, who have known each other for 20 years, operate Cary Guitar Lessons. They had been working at a space at a local shop until three years ago. When that business closed, they decided to join forces and operate under the same name.
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Acoustic Guitar Magazine's Private Lessons
Acoustic Guitar Magazine is a wonderful resource for anyone enthusiastic about guitar. This collection of 24 private lessons from their archive is fantastic for everyone, from beginner to master. From simple lessons on hammer-ons and pull-offs to …
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May Madness: 45 don't-miss events for the month
The guitarist, singer and songwriter's latest, last year's self-titled album, was a wholly unique, otherworldly space-rock album, graduating entirely from her career as an accomplished guitar shredder. The album was one of the most highly praised of …
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