How to Improve your Improvisation – (FREE download) Guitar Lesson

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  • Christ Is Risen says:

    what pedal are you using ?

  • Toller Brown says:

    I do that in chord shapes eg string 4 3 5 2 6 1. Don’t get to much life out
    of it but wide string skips look and sound cool.

  • Sam Coulson says:

    Wise words Master Graham! 

  • DereMemo says:

    Too much effect…

  • Roberto Torao says:

    cheers from Brazil!!!

  • sneha dighe says:
  • Max Nits says:

    Thanks a bunch !

  • Rick Graham says:
  • sacredgeometry says:

    Im fine with phrasing but for some reason I am really bad at learning
    patterns for playing scales up and down could you do a video on how to
    develop scale picking and fretting patterns/ note grouping etc please.

  • SuperFreeamerican says:

    Great lesson!

  • Greg Heisenburg says:

    Love that backing track, great lesson. It really helped open up new ideas,
    thanks for this.

  • kbuss10 says:

    Yes but this is only theory again… How do you do it in practice? Is this
    all on the fly, in a full tempo backing? Or you pause it, maybe loop a
    section? Or loop the whole track and work it out when you return to the
    ominous section again and again? 

  • peter peter says:

    great video

  • ShredableGuitar says:

    Hi Rick! I’m always glad when I see that you have uploaded a new video,
    you’re very talented! Granted, it gradually sounds less mechanic as you go
    on in the video, but it’s still… well… how do I put it…not without
    constraints. I’ve become obsessed with Guthrie Govan lately, and his
    improvisations are simply extraordinary, I’ve never quite found a guitarist
    that can express himself the way he does, he’s completely free when
    improvising, no constraints at all. He almost never repeats himself when
    improvising and I must have watched hundreds of videos of him playing. I’ve
    studied his approach to improvising and from what I’ve gathered from
    workshops and interviews he simply hears a melodic line in his head, and
    then translates it effortlessly on guitar (Even the incredibly fast and
    complex lines from what I can tell). What is your take on that? Do you
    utilize the same approach when soloing? Do you think that if one would
    exclusively practice “translating” notes to the fretboard that you would
    reach his level of improvisation and how would one practice that
    efficiently? Or is greater understanding of musical theory/patterns also
    required/beneficial? I could really use your opinion on this Rick 🙂

    Sincerely, Martin. 

  • mraggrovator says:

    Valuable information.

  • GuillermoSmyser says:

    The way you said “realm” made me think of the Thor movies.

    Do you like the Marvel movies (Ironman, Thor Avengers etc.)

  • Claudiu Cont says:

    thank you very much, I can say this is the best lesson speaking of how to
    start to improvise !! … great, great tips , you are the most amazing
    guitar teacher and a real professional artist and guitar player ! …

  • andrea menichelli says:

    Hi Rick. Great vid as always. I have the very same model of strat you use
    here. Lovely, is this stock, besides the aging?
    Cheers dude, you’re a great inspiration to me

  • Joe says:

    I and many others asked, and you delivered. Thanks Rick! 

  • Deylan Engel says:

    The whole question and answer part reminds me of how Steve Vai says he

  • Zoran Kokanovic says:

    exlellent tips

  • JOEY ROTELLA says:

    This man is a blessing to all us guitarists. Thank you for opening our eyes
    and being so generous with sharing your knowledge.

  • stupidmonkey151 says:

    This. Is. Awesome. Learning so much from you so fast. I’ve never been a
    good improviser, but now I can actually piece something together decent by
    just using this. And only practiced it for about an hour. 

  • Sam Whiting says:

    Nice one, Rick! :)

  • Bobby Dhal says:

    you are a work of art…..thank you for this 

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