Rocktron Introduces the Hush 2X

Rocktron Introduces the Hush 2X
This unique design allows players to utilize the Hush after the pedal board and into the input of a guitar amplifier with one circuit, and into the effects loop of the amp with the other circuit, offering new versatility in a single Hush unit by …
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Derek Trucks on BB King: 'We're All His Kids'
Then the amplifiers changed, the sounds changed and he adapted with the time and that sweet spot happened. And once that bell-tone note rang out, that was that. "This is going to be the thing. This is the stop." Great artists search. Some things you …

Marshall Major II Headphones Review: Stellar Sound, Affordable Price
Marshall Amplification, made famous for its guitar amplifiers, also makes a number of other products including headphones. They were kind enough to send over a pair and we've tested them out for our Marshall Major II headphones review.
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The Jesus and Mary Chain makes Psychocandy sound loud and powerful at
Amplifiers would be overturned, feedback would squall, and some not-predetermined number of minutes later—maybe 35, maybe 20, maybe 15—it would be over, leaving the audience to stage a halfhearted, ritualistic semblance of a riot. … best bit of it …

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