NJWA Music Studio summer session registration

NJWA Music Studio summer session registration
Instrumental instruction is given on strings, guitar, woodwinds, brass, percussion and piano. Students will learn to read music, study scales, understand rhythm, interpret repertoire, and develop range, tone and technique in solo and ensemble playing.
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The great guitar: Discovery Place exhibit looks at instrument's science, history
“Guitar” features nearly 100 instruments, including 60 guitars that show the evolution from string instruments like the Tanbur, Luo Nyatiti and Oud in 3,000 B.C. to the modern models of today. The instruments came from as far away as China and were …
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Superman building to 'sing' as part of Providence International Arts Festival
The key to these transformations is the Earth Harp, a kind of supersized cello or violin whose "strings" can measure hundreds of feet long and whose ends can be attached to almost anything, from manmade structures to natural features such as mountains …
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Belle & Sebastian regale the Tower Theater with chamber pop
Much of the band's set was blithely jovial, set to sawing strings or acoustic guitar washes like the sad, searing "Sukie in the Graveyard." But Belle & Sebastian was not afraid to kick out the jams or create welcoming gestures. The musicians invited …
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