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Courtney Barnett: The New Sensation
Her guitar chops are formidable, if unusual—she doesn't use a pick but also doesn't employ traditional fingerpicking—and her guitar-centric approach is fundamental to her sound. “I do my own thing,” she says. “Which is different but still cool …
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'Guitars That Jam' Book Excerpt
If Tom Anderson's recollection is correct, at the beginning of the Wake of the Flood sessions Garcia was presented with the custom guitar that would become his primary axe for the next couple of years (and intermittently for many more years). Garcia's …
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Dean Zelinsky Guitars Introduces the LaVoce
I chose this name because this guitar has so many voices; not just sounds…but individual, unique, guitar voices. Everyone can appreciate the tone of a killer single-coil, a vintage humbucker, a cutting hot humbucker, and a high fidelity acoustic …
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