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Free Beginner Bass Guitar Lessons With Scott Grove 1 Hour

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  • Grampz stillkickin says:

    As a beginner I really find this is a very worth while video.
    Thank you for putting forth such a fine video. Now is the time to subscribe
    Thank you Thank you

  • Jayjay Kombacker says:

    gonna take some work to get my fingers to do that!

  • W. Roberts says:

    Well, well, well. Someone who cuts the cheese on this stuff. Might even be
    better than my series of videos which center on the same thing — root –
    fifth — root in time for beginners. It’s the only way to get right into
    the music. All these other vids with scales, fingering, all that jazz?
    Superfulous and plays keep away from just playing music.

  • Nathan Webster says:

    Cool shirt 50 watt orange bass amp and a epiphone thunderbird good to start

  • theozman38 says:

    Hey SCOTT..! just started to learn bass,1 week into it and i am learning a
    lot from your vids. this is my second one i have watched and i am amazed
    how much can be done with 4 strings and how you do it.. so cool!!i didnt
    think i would like bass but its a challenge like i never thought it was
    gonna be.i bought a cheap ass bass,a douglas one pick up no frills right?
    well i am doin the left handed play because my left hand is a little
    disfigured from a skillsaw accident back when i was a kid but my righthand
    is normal.tried the book lessons and its slow going from them but its
    informational at best. watching your videos i have learned about 5 seconds
    of play in this video in 4 hours i am up to the 28 min. mark. i am not
    complaining, im learning..my playing is no where near what yours sound like
    ..thanks for the videos you have posted here, they are generous and well
    worth the time ..i’ll be watching them, learning the bass. thank you.

  • groovydjs says:

    LOL, I’ve never had either one. Hey…..I checked out your red Fender
    P-Bass. Nice bass my friend! That new camera is crystal clear too. That
    sucker is sharp (the camera and the bass)!

  • oncasters says:

    Holy smoke….I learned so much in that hour….Thanx Scott……..

  • Jackson Funk says:

    dude go check out the explorer III designer on ebay sweet axe. if you have
    sirius radio on the hair nation channel at 11:20 est my bands going to be
    playing the m3 music fest if you want to hear some tunes. were only playing
    for like 20 minutes so im going to make the most out of it. Ratt and skid
    row are the headliners and they play at like 9 est. going to be a great
    time. then im opening for a kiss cover band “love gun” june 1st lol. any
    chance i get to play i take it lol

  • Adron Scott says:

    awesome video, nice and informative. Im a guitar player, but its also nice
    to be able to have some proficiency at bass directly, as well. what kind of
    amp would you recommend that’d be great as a first bass amp, that’s also
    affordable? [preferably a combo amp]

  • jeraldsrestoration says:

    Can u say that scale backwards my friend? Or say ur alphabet backwards 2?
    Just having fun its Friday. That T40 is a monster of a bass,gonna have 2
    grab me 1 & maybe 2 cus theyre all over the place on ebay. bass slapping
    lol slap the crap out of it now. I had an idea 4 slyd bass. That b taking
    the bass a hole new level n deed. I bet u could do a lesson on it. Slyd
    bass guitar. I lyk taking instruments beyond whjat they can do u no lyk the
    uku threw ur talk box lol. im gonna try slyd bass groovy?

  • groovydjs says:

    That is the first time I’ve seen the Explorer III in a designer finish. Too
    sweet. I’ll have to get one if a clean one ever comes up for sale. That
    thing is beat to hell. The neck is getting ready to come off of it. I’ve
    had so many Gibson necks come unglued and just fall off. lol Plus, that
    horrible nitro finish has really taken a beating. Too bad. At that price I
    would’ve bought it right away. I don’t have Sirius….wish I did. No
    entertainment here at all. lol

  • groovydjs says:

    My total pleasure my friend! Scott

  • elfhermie says:

    Thanks, Scott! I love the bass and have always compensated for the lack of
    bass and drums when playing my classical guitar on the can by playing tons
    of beats (hmmm, that didn’t sound quite right). Any chance you can do a
    mini lesson on right hand placement for beginners so we can start out with
    good habits? Other people’s lessons have made this confusing and awkward.
    Thanks again for jump starting many a stale life. There are many of us
    who’ve been sitting on the can too long.

  • groovydjs says:

    LOL, I can’t say any of it forward. lol Yeah, the T-40 is a boat, but what
    a great boat for sure. I will have to run it through the talk box and see
    if I can blow it up. lol

  • jeraldsrestoration says:

    Hey good buddy. have u ever had white tea? My friend Jeff brought me sum
    from up n the mountains & its n regular soda bottles lyk & u can c thru it.
    I also lyk that tradewind but i have never had green tea with that n it tho
    but i bet its good. Looks good, how bout fixing me up a glass my man! What
    about Spyk kool air? That makes me feel loopy. I luv wine tho oh man. hell
    i got a bottle of white wine n the frig care 4 a drink? lol me either iv
    had it 2 years now I dont drink either so we’re good

  • jeraldsrestoration says:

    yeah it is i had 2 walk 2 the post office 2 get it but i did lol. U have a
    wonderful weekend Scott & eat, sleep guitars & b carefull & keep it groovy
    wich of course u will n deed. ur ole buddy Jerald signin off lol.

  • groovydjs says:

    Cool, I got a dislike for a FREE lesson. I guess next he’ll want me to PAY
    him to watch them. lol

  • groovydjs says:

    I really like this little Hartke Kickback 12 amp. It’s all you’ll need.
    Look for one used.

  • groovydjs says:

    My pleasure. I hope it helps out a little bit. I have some more free bass
    videos on here too whenever you want to check them out. Enjoy! Scott

  • jeraldsrestoration says:

    Scott my man, im not doin good 2nyt cus i got n a bad wreck 2day so im
    banged up. I hit a stupid metal pole sign & i hit the hard gravel lol i
    messed my lip up, my knees, hands & up above my right eye so i rode 18
    miles & my knees r bout 2 fall off lol. so yeah im hurtin but wanted 2 let
    u no im ok but damn that hurt lol. Have a good nyt groovy man lol.

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