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Blues icon BB King dies at 89
B.B. King spread joy to millions by giving them the blues. The iconic musician, along with his ever-present guitar Lucille, spent nearly 70 years thrilling audiences and spreading the music he learned as a poverty-stricken youth in the Mississippi …
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On the Verge: Saint Motel is just our 'Type'
But it wasn't until he moved to Southern California for film school that he met guitarist Aaron Sharp, with whom he bonded over shared tastes in music and cinema. Friends Greg Irwin (drums) and Dak Lerdamornpong (bass) soon came into the mix, and the …
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Album of the Week: Mumford & Sons
Played with banjos and accordions, songs like The Wolf and Monster wouldn't have had the same force on the large stages the band now plays as the steady, pulsing rhythms and sustained guitar and keyboard chords. Though it sounds counter-intuitive, …
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The Who highlight Jazz Fest first weekend
Andrew Hozier-Byrne , better known as simply Hozier, used his appearance to show his respect for the blues when he brought up guitarist Alvin Youngblood Hart . The two dueted on Delta singer Skip James' Illinois Blues, after which Hozier said to the …
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