Build Your Own Electric Guitar Kits

The first order of business in learning to play the electric guitar is to purchase the best guitar you can find that fits your style of playing; you must own your own guitar. Shop around and talk to as many guitar players and experts as needed.

Learning to play an acoustic guitar is much more difficult to learn than an electric guitar, so once you find that perfect guitar it will be easy to learn and you will be playing much faster than you can imagine. You will also need to pick up an amplifier and a pick and you are ready to get started.

First thing you need to do before you start learning to play the electric guitar is to become totally familiar with the guitar. This means learn what every knob and switch does and how it affects the sounds so you can know how to control them to get the right mix of sounds. Next is the fret board, you will need to purchase a diagram of the fret board for an electric guitar from a music store that shows all the different notes.

You must memorize all the notes, this does not have to be done in one day, however should be a daily study and memorization process. Almost all successful beginning guitar player achieve that success simply because they memorized all the notes. There are many kinds of electric guitars and each will have there own different qualities and you must familiarize yourself with your specific guitar.

As far as the amplifier goes, you should try it out before purchasing it and make sure it is of the best quality. Since you are a beginner you will probably want to buy an amp appropriate for you practice sessions, since amps come in many different sizes and be certain it has a distortion box.

As you memorized the notes it is now time to start training your ear for the notes you are playing. You can start by playing the note and then by singing the same note and eventually singing the note and then playing it, in this way you will begin to reproduce the note from the sound you want. Also start listening to the many guitar tracks for electric guitars and try to reproduce the notes and sounds that you hear on the tracks.

As you continue to practice to you will start to develop muscle memory, this is not something you will have to concentrate as a daily study technique or activity, however to continue this process you should each day start to incorporate some scales.

Without a doubt learning to play the electric guitar will involve some of your time and patients and you must put your hearts into it. You must have the right attitude and be sufficiently motivated to learning the notes and chords and you will be playing the electric guitar in a few days or weeks. Fifteen to thirty minutes a day is all you need to learn the guitar as long as you are having fun, you must be enjoying it to be successful.

The internet is an excellent place to find more information and to learn techniques that will help you develop into the electric guitar player you strive to be. The most important thing is to learn the essentials and then you can choose the best method for you to learn with, whether it’s to hire a guitar instructor, buy a book or learn using one of the best learn guitar programs available on the internet.

If you are motivated, determined and have patients, learning to play the electric guitar will be fun and you will have no problems. Have fun and enjoy.

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