Build A Guitar Chord

Guitar chords are the basic of all guitar playing techniques, the set of tones that produce the melody usually consist of a combination of notes, but in some cases it can be just one note. These combinations can be produced by one of two means, either strumming or picking.

There are basically two kinds of chords, one is the minor chord and the major chord, the basic primary chord is C,A,G,E,D. It is absolutely necessary for you to master these chords if you want to move forward in learning the guitar. Without these basics it will not be possible to move on to the more difficult chords.

The first thing you will need to do is purchase a chord diagram, which will  be an illustration and instruction on how to play each chord. You will need to memorize the five basic chords that are relatively easy to learn and that will build the foundation on learning the harder ones later.

Most people when first starting out learning the guitar will have sore fingers after each practice session on the guitar, and this is absolutely normal. Basically if your finger tips are not hurting then you are not playing it right.

The correct way to press each string is with your finger tip with enough force on the strings that you will not hear a buzzing sound caused by the string vibrating against the fret. It is important not to let your fingers lie down  on the strings while playing, because this will end up muting the sound of some of the strings. This is a common mistake.

Only the finger tips can be in contact with the strings to get the pure sound you are looking for, and this can only be achieved by maintaining the fingers in a straight arch. This will be tiring and painful at first, but in no time calluses will develop and help you produce an even purer sound.

Part of your daily exercise on the guitar must be working to build not only strength, but dexterity In your fingers. This can be done by finding some exercises to be done on the guitar which basically requires you to move your finger along the strings at a rapid pace. This will now only build strength and dexterity but you will start getting accuracy which is needed to play the guitar.

There are many places to find information and instruction on learning to play the guitar and guitar chords. The first and probably one of the best is to  hire a guitar teacher and take structured lessons, the down side to this is first the expense and second scheduling. Often times your schedule does not fit with your instructors.

Next is you can go to your local music store and purchase books on learning the guitar and the guitar chords, and most will come with the guitar chord diagrams that you will need anyway, and be self taught at home.

Probably the absolute method is the internet. Go on line and find a good online course that will give you all basic essentials you need to go from beginner to master. I highly recommend for the fastest way to learn the guitar.

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